Meet FHAT, a NY-based duo making some very fkn smooth future-R&B

Meet FHAT, a NY-based duo making some very fkn smooth future-R&B

They've just dropped a new single called ONATD, and it is very worth your time.

FHAT are a very fresh New York-based duo who are only two official singles deep into their career, but we're picking up what it is they're putting down. And what that is so far is some smooth, sexy af futuristic R&B sounds that only comes with two people who understand each other's vibe perfectly, and have been honing that craft for a long time up to this point.

After a few slinky remixes, they've recently dropped a couple of originals in Pleasure and ONATD that show they don't need anyone else but themselves to craft a serious bop. But enough of our gas-bagging, meet Aaron and Sedric below while you bask in the glory that is their original output so far:

Tell us about yourselves?

Sedric: We met three years ago in LA at a castle party in the Hollywood Hills. We were both singing but never thought we’d make music together. Now it’s become our life, and FHAT’s our baby.

Aaron: Sedric’s a Leo, I am a Capricorn, we are basically Barack and Michel. We have been best friends for almost three years. Left he states to follow our dreams in music and ended up in Berlin. I am half German so that’s the reason for Germany. We are both queer artsy guys and generally try to bring out the best in each other.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

S: Everything under the sun, really. We know artists don’t like to claim genres anymore, but we’re really bringing so much to each track and love to keep people guessing. We started out really housey, then moved toward futuristic R&B, now we’re getting a little darker with the production, but still just as fun.

A: Yes, there’s always a rhythmic, soulful undertone with FHAT basslines. FHAT has been experimenting with everything from pop, house, trap and even a hint of rock influences. We both come from strong jazz background but in today’s world it’s so fun to just be free when creating and take chances. If I had to classify it I would call our sound alternative electronic R&B.

How would you describe your production/writing process:

S: It’s always different, which is why I think it works. But in general, it’s just us in a room with a producer jamming on ideas and building on the ones we like. We definitely play off each other’s strengths - Aaron’s really interactive, and I’m more lowkey in the beginning, and then we swap roles in the end.

A: Ya we have a great balance! I bring more pop elements with hookie addictive melodies. While Sedric brings the meat and potatoes and more classic hearty melodies and concepts. We ideally like to work with a few musicians and an electronic producer to have an organic yet current sound.

Can you tell us about your new single, ONATD?

S: A dark abyss of drugs, sex, and rock'n'roll.

A: I wrote the hook with a producer named Lorenz. The beat reminded me of being out at clubs in Paris a few months prior and I really wanted to capture that feeling. Europe has brought out Sedric and I’s inner club kid and we had many nights/early mornings leaving clubs all over Europe having had really lovely/unique experiences. This song captures the mystery and sexyness of clubbing.

Any shows coming up?

S: We took us a lil’ break to focus on filming our video and building the next few singles, but now we’re getting back into it. Our next one will be at Reeperban Festival in September.

A: Also a few in berlin in October, details to come.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

S: We have some more singles dropping, a couple features I’m looking forward, and some gag worthy visuals.

A: Shows, more collaborations and the music video for Pleasure! We hired Olisa Odele the queer star of the famous UK TV/Netflix series, CHEWING GUM! He came to Berlin and we made an epic short film with a team of people. It’s going to be awesome!

Where can we hear more of your music?

Follow us on Insta, Tidal, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. We posted a cover of Destinys Child Cater 2 U on SoundCloud as a free download. You can expect some more free downloads from us as well.


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