Meet funky boys Groove City, who just dropped a fresh new hummer, Gold Chevrolet

Meet funky boys Groove City, who just dropped a fresh new hummer, Gold Chevrolet

They've just joined the Maker team, and are about embark on a big Aussie tour.

Groove City are a Melbourne-based duo who are doing their best to ignore the fact they were probably born in the wrong decade. Packing a disco punch not seen since the likes of Chic and The Bee Gees were at the height of their powers, their unabashed love of four-four groove has already seen them play some big festivals and drop three official singles.

This week they announced they'll be joining the good eggs at Maker Agency to help spread the good Groove City word, so it's probably time you got to know 'em a little better before they fire up a disco ball near you soon.

Tell us about yourselves:

We are two funky boys with a deep love for disco, dancing and sharing that love with everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of the Groove.

What kinda tunes we talkin? 

Modern groove meets vintage funk. A love child of Chic and Jamiroquai.

Tell us about Gold Chevrolet:

It's a carefree vintage summer hit. About a charismatic, smart and classy lady who doesn’t take shit from anyone, gets what she wants and drives a Gold Chevrolet - for no reason other than the drive itself. Men want to be with her, women want to be her, but all she wants to do is ride into the sunset. Best served with the volume set to max whilst driving on a highway.

Any shows coming up?

Yeah! We just began our Gold Chev Aus/NZ tour in Wollongong and have a bunch of dates coming up! You’ll love the live show – it’s a non-stop mix of our own originals, plus feel-good disco classics (re-mixed and re-worked for 2018) and a few choreographed moves...

Fri 7 Sep - Keller Bar, Thredbo

Sat 15 Sep - Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle

Wed 10 Oct - DK Pool Club, Bathurst

Sat 13 Oct - Oxford Art Factory Birthday Party, Sydney

Sat 20 Oct - Mr Lonely, Fremantle

Sat 27 Oct - Bush Doof 6.66 @ Waikato Region, NZ

Fri 23 Nov - The Flying Cock, Brisbane

Mon 31 Dec - Lost Paradise Festival, Glenworth Valley

What's coming up for the rest of the year?

Pretty keen to close out the year on the main stage at Lost Paradise, and maybe expect a few (new) classic hits! 

More music:

Spotify is our music hub and we are on Apple Music too…but if you like promiscuous visuals and well arranged covers head to our YouTube.

Follow Groove City: FACEBOOK

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