Exclusive: nyck drop a tour recap vid, share their top touring tips

Exclusive: nyck drop a tour recap vid, share their top touring tips

The Melbourne indie-electronic duo are quickly becoming one of Australia's favourites.

Since being introduced to the duo and their single Speak My Mind closer towards the start of the year, Melbourne's nyck have gone on to become one of our favourites. Their recently-released Alive EP is full of absolute stunners (including the aforementioned single as its leading track), stunners which the pair have perfected on a live scale, recently wrapping up a massive national tour with Amy Shark and a quick set of regional shows with The Cat Empire's Felix Riebl, with a Melbourne EP showcase party and a slot at this year's BIGSOUND still to come. Ahead of their forthcoming EP showcase this coming Friday (more details at the bottom of this article), the pair have shared a video recap of their shows earlier in the year (including their gigs with Amy Shark) and have treated us to a couple of handy tips to ensure that your next tour runs smoothly, tips I would definitely take in considering that they're one of the most in-demand up-and-coming electronic acts on the Australian market, particularly in the live music side of things. Check 'em all out below:

1. Pack light:

Dom brought everything in her wardrobe to some Sydney shows we did with Amy Shark and then Jetstar charged us like a million dollars to bring it home. Onya Dommas.

2. When you're supporting, it's all about the headliner:

Everyone is different, but I reckon when you're supporting, it's about them: I really think it's important to realise that it's their show. So don't be crazy about everything and just be there to make things easy. Don't move their shit out of the way too much or play with a million instruments. And be nice.

3. Get the most organised person in the band to call the shots:

Get the most organised person in the band to get the cab and pick the others up: Sometimes I get the cab from my house and pick Dom up on the way, but I'm useless and we miss flights. Dom is an organisational legend so now she calls the shots.

4. Hang out with everyone:

We met some of the best people ever on tour. And that was because we had beers.

5. Bend at the knees:

I (Nick) broke my back on day 2 of a 20 date tour because I was laughing while lifting up my keyboard case and then Dom had to carry all of our gear around Australia. Onya Dommas!

6. Bring extra leads and sustain pedals:

This will save a lot of time and stress. Nothing worse than stopping mid-way through a song to change leads!

7. Fly with Virgin:

There are so many benefits to flying with a good airline. No extra baggage costs just because you have an instrument, complimentary food, spacious seats (good for Nick, he's very tall) and no 4:30 am starts.

8. Hit up your mates for accommodation:

If you have some friends that own nice apartments, hit them up because you may end up staying in a 2 bedroom spacious pad with Foxtel on Bondi Beach. That was absolute living!

9. Hire a car:

Who knew that it is actually pretty cheap to hire cars these days. Taxi's are extremely expensive, especially if you need a maxi to fit all of the gear.

10. Eat well:

Eat good healthy food, it will pay off in the long run!

Alive EP Showcase:

nyck ep showcase

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