Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

The biggest and best songs of the week, including Whethan, POOLCLVB, LIZ and more.

As the end of the year looms, so does that pre-Christmas music drop that, much like every other genre, is fairly hectic for the electronic side of things. With albums from the likes of Justice and Cashmere Cat to come before the year’s out, luckily the music world slowed it right back this week to give us a hard-earned break. That being said, we still managed to nab new albums from house kings Booka Shade, Mixpak’s bass-loaded dancehall queen Jubilee and Crystal Fighters’ long-awaited third album, Everything Is My Family. We also saw the arrival of new singles from Stélouse, a throbbing remix of R. Kelly from emerging Asian future-bass producer MYRNE and on top of that, Point Point’s new Family Portrait Remix EP, which has everyone from AWE to Kidswaste to LH4L. Mind you, by far the most impressive release of the week (and I’m sure everyone can agree here) is from Porter Robinson, whose track with Madeon – Shelter – was treated to an Robinson-produced anime short film for it’s official video clip, which I can guarantee will leave you tearing up. If you’ve got time between listening to all this above, plus listening to Justice’s newie ALAKAZAM! or new tracks from Jai Wolf and Nicole Millar, checking out REZZ’s new video clip or the new EPs from Moonbase Commander, SKULS and Goldielocks, then here’s another six unmissable tracks from the week for you to peep so you don’t fall behind.

Woodes - Rise

Over the past two years, Woodes has become one of our favourite vocalists in the realm of down-tempo electronic music, impressing us time, and time, and time, and time again. Her new single Rise is possibly her most solid release to date, teaming up with an all-star choir for a bold, R&B-infused new track. Woodes’ now easily-recognized vocals shine throughout the track, delicately placed over a mellow, almost James Blake-like production that lingers beneath the layers and layers of vocals. Without making too many big-name comparisons (as it’s something I don’t really like to do often), the harmonic choir that features heavily towards the single’s ending almost sounds as if it were taken directly out of a Bon Iver single. Instead, you would find comfort it knowing it’s actually a whole heap of Australia’s best emerging electronic names, including Alex Lahey, Batts, LANKS, Golden Vessel, Abraham Tilbury, Edward Vanzet and a heap more. STRAYA.

Lilt - Powerless

Much like Woodes above, Perth-based three-piece Lilt are another of our favourite break-out electronic acts this year. Following up from August’s EP-teasing Wait No More, the new single Powerless is anything but. The vocals of front-woman Louise Penman punch through the track’s dynamic, synth-soaked production for a commanding release that is sure to put Lilt on radars across Australia (if they aren’t there already, which they really should be). With shows at Southbound and WAMi Festival to come before the year’s turn, 2016 is set to close on a big note for the Western Australian trio who, if things go to plan, could easily be one of the biggest names in Perth come this time next year.

Whethan & Oliver Tree - When I'm Down

Since catching up with Whethan earlier this year to preview his hugely-successful debut original Can’t Hide, the Chicago native has really blown up. Like really. Now, he’s returned, teaming up with good friend Oliver Tree for an unexpected curve ball of a single that is completely different to his signature walls of synth. Entitled When I’m Down, the track almost has an indie sort-of vibe to it, with Oliver Tree’s echoing vocal work (which previously appeared on Getter’s Forget It single) earworming above a piano-driven production that’s both exciting and incredibly fresh – especially considering his background in saturated future-bass-styled productions. Joining Can’t Hide, When I’m Down really makes it two for two from the young producer, whose song-writing skills have now been proven to be just as good, if not better, as his production work. 

Sam Weston - Don't Save Face

Launching into the more house-y side of things now comes Sam Weston, a seasoned name coming fresh out of Melbourne’s now well-known, bustling down-tempo house and garage scenes. Accompanying a signing announcement to Soothsayer is Don’t Save Face, a looping, left-field house track that grooves across its 13-minute length. Across its lengthy duration, the track picks up a range of little nuances and styles that keep it fresh and exciting, whether it be the more funk-orientated breakdowns littered throughout the track or the quiet breaths of relief that come in once or twice before the track continues its pulse once again. Arriving six months after his similarly-built Shiraz Voyager EP, the end of 2016 is proving to be one full of excitement and possibility for the Melbourne house producer, who is now setting his sights on scenes beyond Melbourne for Australian domination come 2017.


Over the past few years POOLCLVB has really built himself a reputation as one of Australia’s most reliable go-to names for summery, feel-good house bangers and his new single Always is no different. Teaming up with Porsches’ Carl Fox for guest vocal duties, Always pays homage to Australia’s well-known, glistening house sound – something that POOLCLVB has had quite a bit of experience with in the past. Taken from his forthcoming EP You + Me, Always’ sun-soaked house vibe bounces across its three-minute duration, with the Porsches vocalist’s ringing vocals flying over the top. “Written and recorded in a single day, we bounced lyrics back and forth and it just came together so organically.” says POOLCLVB on the collaboration. “Sometimes guys don’t express their feelings as much as girls, we wanted this track to do just that. If you find it hard to say I love you, let this track speak for you.”

LIZ - Cross Your Heart Mixtape

Closing this week’s playlist is a bit more of a lengthier release, this time coming from the ‘First Lady of Mad Decent’ LIZ and her new mixtape Cross Your Heart. Teaming up with Nicopanda for the mixtape’s release (which comes alongside a full fashion editorial for the brand), LIZ’s Cross Your Heart mixtape toys with numerous sounds and genres across its 16 tracks, with production credits from Lido, Henrik The Artist, Branchez and Valentino Khan (plus more!) and a loaded guest vocal feature from Vic Mensa (appearing on the Lido-produced seventh track All Good). Be sure to check out the full release when it drops later this year.

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