Watch: Body Type - Buoyancy

Watch: Body Type - Buoyancy

Written in the midst of a heatwave, the all-female rock group release the latest track from their forthcoming album, with tour dates ahead for NSW and WA.

Photo by Ellen Virgona

Last month all-female rock group Body Type gave us a taste of their power with the release of Sex & Rage and the news of an album on it’s way in May. Today another offering comes from the Eora based quartet, Buoyancy - a fast-paced howler sharing the tale of sand piles, burning spines and floatation devices.

With electric guitar screeches, high energy chops of the drums, drilling bass lines, and effortlessly coy growls from the vocals delivering laconic one-liners and elongated ‘ahs’, Buoyancy showcases the group at their most confident and vivacious point. A sound that has never been so gleefully unmoored. 

Vocalist Georgia shares that Buoyancy started as a playful text message exchange between Annabel and me. In many ways, the song is about grappling with internal inconsistencies and moral ambiguities in an incoherent style. It's had a few iterations - when I brought it to the group it had more of a slow Big Star spirit. Soph and Annabel made it more angular, more tongue in cheek with the guitar, which further injects the song with distorted meaning. It’s also a personal reminder that when certain things are rendered uncertain those you love are an eternal rudder."

The album Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing's Surprising is set for release May 20th, with an Australian tour underway - including dates in NSW and WA for the near future. 

Take a splash into Body Type’s Bouyancy below, as we eagerly await the album's release. 


Tickets via

FRI APRIL 8 - The Lansdowne - Eora/ Sydney, NSW

FRI APRIL 9 - The Servo - Dharawal Land/ Port Kembla, NSW

SAY MAY 14 - Mojo’s Bar - Walyalup/ Fremantle, WA

Body Type’s new album  Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing's Surprising is out May 20th via Poison City Records.


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