Meet: J4eva - Fast Lane

Meet: J4eva - Fast Lane

Get to know the exciting new Melbourne indie-poppers and their irresistible new single, Fast Lane

After bursting onto our radar with addictive single Try to be Cool back in April, Melbourne trio J4eva are back with their catchy follow-up, the snappy & anthemic Fast Lane.

A rollicking, sing-a-long inducing cut of upper-tempo indie-pop perfection, Fast Lane sees frenetic drums and a pulsating bassline meet feverish guitars and singer Bronte Maguire’s huge, hook-filled vocals telling an all too relatable tale inspired by “needing to retire from city life and move to the country, but never actually doing it”.

Now with a few dope singles under their belt, we thought the time was right to get to know J4eva a little bit better, with Bronte being kind enough to field some questions from us - check out the video for Fast Lane and get to know J4eva!

Who is in J4 and how did you form? 

There’s the three of us plus our dog, we’ve all lived together for 6 years. Lewis and I are lovers, we have a secret band member (only cause you’d recognise him) and our dog Banjo. We formed in lockdown one drunken late night. We were just messing around on Logic and wrote a fucking brilliant song, and also had a great time - the rest is history! 

What does your name "J4" mean? 

There were four of us living and losing our minds in lockdown in our house on Johnson Street. We started calling ourselves Johnson 4 (like Jackson 5), and then it got shortened to J4 (like U2) cause we’re lazy and it just stuck. 

Tell us about your creative process? 

In the beginning we were painting a masterpiece together that still hangs on our wall. We’d paint outside in the sun with some beers all day and then move inside when the sun went down and begin to sing and write songs. It’s a very open format style. Lewis is the producer so he’d come up with a starting sound and we’d let it would snowball from there. Mostly ending with all of us yelling our ideas at once and whoever gets the most agreements gets their idea in the song. It ends up being pretty fair though cause we usually love each other’s shit. 

Tell us about your new single Fast Lane? 

Huge inspiration from The Veronicas in this song. We also have a bit of an obsession with spelling in our songs (this is the only track on the EP that spells anything but there’s more in the bank trust me). The music video was shot by our friend Marcus Coblyn in our shitty dinged up Astra Wagon. It’s a homage to partying so much that you just end up stuck in that lane and forget to slow down, but all you really want in life is to live on a farm with rescue cows.. well that’s my take anyway! 

How can fans best support your music?

Stream us on Spotify and watch our music videos! We’re not doing any live shows at the moment so it’s all online. 

What's coming up for the rest of the year?

Our first EP is coming out. Five amazing songs yeehaw! 

What have you been listening to lately?

All of us would have completely different answers to this, it’s wild! Lewis and I are both dance/electro and mystery man is a country boy. 

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