Premiere: Yi-Lynn - Foul Water EP

Premiere: Yi-Lynn - Foul Water EP

Take a first listen to the stunningly beautiful new EP from Melbourne’s Yi-Lynn

Releasing July 12 but premiering for a deut listen today on Pilerats is Foul Water, the beautifully hypnotic new EP from Melbourne’s Yi-Lynn. While Foul Water could broadly be described as “art pop”, the compositions on the release are much deeper than this label implies, touching on elements of neoclassical, folk and modern indie flavours.

The themes and inspirations behind the EP also run deep, with Yi-Lynn explaining "It feels like the Australian same-sex marriage plebescite was an age ago, but it wasn’t. It just feels like that because there’s been a concerted effort to bury the whole mess under piles of corporate sponsorship and hashtag-pride and “representation matters” tweets.

The songs on Foul Water are my attempt to excavate that heap of rubble, to get to some truth which has been intentionally obscured. What I found was that I was so, so angry – I still am. And so I wrote these songs, each one of them a little capsule of my emotions. It’s been such a treasure to be able to capture that with a full band and tease out the complexity of those emotions with woodwinds, guitars, percussion, piano and of course voices. I’m very proud of these songs."

Give Foul Water a listen today before it's out everywhere tomorrow!



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