Morgan Bain on his new EP: "I finally had the balls to create music that I grew up on"

Morgan Bain on his new EP: "I finally had the balls to create music that I grew up on"

Morgan Bain chats about his new EP, Hush, ahead of a bunch of shows celebrating it.

Following a couple of fantastic singles last year in Summed It Up and Hush, Perth-based artist Morgan Bain last Friday unleashed the EP from which they came (also called Hush). Morgan's an artist we've been following for a few years now, and it's so great to see him finally settling into his sound and maturing into the artist he's alwasy promised to become. Featuring fellow WA artists Teischa and Drapht (who he collaborated with on a cracking Like A Version last year), it's six captivating tracks of soulful, acoustic sounds.

Take a listen below, and check out a brief chat with him under that before he hits the road for a few shows (full list down the bottom).

You’ve been releasing music and gigging for a few years now, but tell us a bit about Morgan Bain in 2017, where you wanna take music, how your sound has evolved over the years?

2017 is something I’m really excited about. I feel like every time I write at the moment I’m getting closer and closer to a more original version of my music, which is something I constantly search for. These new songs that I’ve been writing make me feel a certain passion that I can’t really explain. I think the more I write the more I open up and become comfortable with who I am as a person…bad shit and good shit. My sound started out as very blues/roots heavy which I have no regret with at all because it’s all just part of growing creatively as an artist.

The reason why I changed wasn’t a hard choice, I think I just finally had the balls to create music that I grew up on.

There was one half of me that really liked to play guitar and write those kind of roots songs and there was the other half of me that really loved to sing and dance and listen to Prince and Michael Jackson and James Brown. I ended up following that half, creating something that’s true to my personality and who I really am and what I really love. That’s how I feel anyway!

How was 2016, what were some highlights?

Touring lots and getting a new live band I think were some highlights, but It’s all kind of a highlight for me because I’m super happy to be doing what I’m doing now and feel very lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

You’ve been touring with Drapht and Dan Sultan a little – how has it been hanging out with those guys, any big takeaways or lessons from the experience?

Touring with those guys is amazing... I don’t know Dan as well as I know Pauly, they’re both big legends though. Pauly is one of my best friends now and his band just as much and I learn things from him more than anyone I’ve ever met. He’s an incredibly conscious dude and an amazing mate to have…kinda like a big brother! If it wasn’t for him there’s a lot of things that wouldn’t be happening for me as quickly.

Any shows coming up to celebrate the EP?

We’ve just done a couple of Sydney shows and have these coming up:

Thu Feb 9 - Trainspotters at Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane 8pm

Fri Feb 10 - Wesley Anne, Melbourne 8pm

Sat Feb 18 - Mojos, Fremantle 8pm

Sun Feb 26 - Clancy's, Dunsborough 5pm

March 3-6 Nannup Music Festival

What's the rest of the year have in store?

Lots of exciting stuff coming up and heaps of planning for the next step in releasing new music. I hope you guys like this current record and I really hope you like the next music too!

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