Premiere: ELEEA debuts a powerful new video for her latest single, Space

Premiere: ELEEA debuts a powerful new video for her latest single, Space

The Indigenous musician takes a trip into the outback for the sun-lit new video.

ELEEA is an artist that can pluck the power out of her music. Throughout 2020 thus far, she's quickly made this known. First, with her debut single Wasting Time - a shimmering, potently rich track thick with this delicate indie-pop-esque flavour - and secondly being through her single Space, one that with its arrival two weeks ago, really heralded the beginnings of a musician soon to be a favourite.

They're two tracks that really show the musician hitting her stride, capturing the excitement surrounding someone new that instantly feels like someone special from the get-go and, in hindsight, it's not too hard to understand why either. Both of ELEEA's singles so far are pulsing with cathartic energy, one that really feels like her letting go and using music as a chance to showcase how far she's come not just as a musician, but as a person too; her work giving the opportunity to show herself as an evolved, multi-faceted person behind the music. 

It's quickly taken off too. Earlier this year, she gained the APRA Sustainability Grant to help further her career in a conscious and thoughtful way, while also being highly commended in the 2020 Queensland Music Awards. It makes sense then, that people are lining up in her mentions and messages to ask for more new music (which yes, is on the way - both of these singles prelude The Travel Collection, a collection of songs that reflect her time travelling across the world (pre-COVID) and the learnings she took from other cultures and experiences).

Today, we're premiering the music video for Space, and it seems like a bit of a full-circle moment for the musician. As she explains, Space came out of a writing trip a few thousand kilometres from her Gold Coast home; an adventure that didn't quite exactly go to plan. "I drove 23-hours from the Gold Coast to Broken Hill with my chihuahua, Trembles. Sleeping in my driver’s seat, bursting two tyres in the middle of nowhere and having to knock at stranger’s houses to find a phone! It was a comedy of errors, but eventually I got there," she explains.

"After seeing the stars in the outback, I wrote Space the next day on an ancient, out of tune piano in this late-1800s apartment." It's a single whose earthy roots obviously come from the sand-soaked surroundings, and with its official video, it feels like ELEEA reconnects with the land of which the single was written on; the musician front and centre in the video, albeit amongst shots of flowers and grasslands that really emphasise the single's rich, worldly tones and how she's able to channel them through her music.

It's quite a beautiful clip and one that really sets ELEEA forward as an exciting musician to watch across a variety of mediums, and you can take a dive into the clip below, as it premieres on Pilerats today:


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