Video Premiere: GRXCE - Wasted On You

Video Premiere: GRXCE - Wasted On You

Eora/Sydney four-piece follow-up their recent indie anthem with an engaging & emotional music video

Image credit: Sammy Lee

Having just released their latest single atmospheric, shoegaze-inspired indie pop, Eora/Sydney based four-piece GRXCE have followed it up with a stylish & appropriately emotional music video for Wasted On You, with the video out June 7 but premiering on Pilerats today!

Written by lead vocalist Jamila Grace as she reflected on being mistreated in a past relationship, Wasted On You explores these themes accompanied by a luscious and layered cut of rocking indie pop, alternating from stripped back verses to fuzzed-out, anthemic choruses.

“‘Wasted on You’ is about unconsciously waiting for someone to come back for you and how isolating that feeling is,” Jamila explains. “I was seeing someone who kept swearing the timing wasn’t right and I told myself that I wouldn’t wait for him and I would move on, but then I was kinda paralysed. Without even trying I was turning down advances from other people, isolating myself, staying in his peripheral in case he changed his mind. It put me in this weird stalemate where I didn’t really know who I was if I didn’t want him.”

Meanwhile, the video sees Jamila and the band translating the aftermath of the song into video format, detailing the anguish and reactions such a scenario can usually result in. Regarding the video, Jamila says "I think there is something I've always enjoyed about depicting female rage, you are often taught that you are erratic or crazy if you show any emotion when I know for myself the healthiest thing I can do is give myself the chance to feel the emotion in its fullest form so I can understand it and learn from it."

Give the video for Wasted On You a watch a few days ahead of release!

GRXCE's new single Wasted On You is out now

Wasted on You Cover Art

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