Premiere: Adelaide upstarts Choosing Sides send off their 2020 with Cardboard Seats

Premiere: Adelaide upstarts Choosing Sides send off their 2020 with Cardboard Seats

Fresh from a run of sold-out shows, the Adelaide trio prove why their 2020 was a success - and why they're ones to watch in 2021, too.

There's a lot of up-and-coming talent in Adelaide that aren't getting the same light shone on them as some of the city's heavyweights, but that isn't stopping them from proving their worth as acts worth keeping an eye on. Take three-piece Choosing Sides, for example, who have blossomed into newcoming favourites since their emergence with their debut single back in 2018, with a full EP in 2019 - Westgate Run - opening the doors for a break-out 2020, doubled down upon with Transmit at the tail-end of 2019 and Breakfast kicking off this year.

As you can probably guess though, their initial plans for the year have most likely not gone exactly to plan, but since South Australia has begun to re-emerge from the madness of the year, the group have been quick to make up for lost time. They sold out a show at Lion's Art Factory back in July alongside Teenage Joans and Port Honey, and have been quick to follow it up with bigger gigs in the months since - readjusting their trajectory and focusing themselves forward as the group pace towards an exciting year ahead.

Cardboard Seats - the band's new single that premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release tomorrow, December 4th - is a song that's sure to usher them to new heights in the twelve months coming, bringing forth their catchy indie-rock-pop-esque sound and the rich songwriting that fuels it, sending off an unexpected 2020 all while opening a new chapter ahead. It's quick-firing and explosive, channelling frustrations and disappointment of past relationships into lashing energy that really sets the tone for what's to come.

"This song is about a toxic relationship I was going through in the past,” says the band's key vocalist and guitarist, Will Wright. “The lyrics describe how disappointed and annoyed I was at this person to the point where I wanted to move to another town to avoid them. Additionally the song describes that feeling of longing for something ‘real’ and the need to escape city life for something a little grittier.

"Intertwining both these desires, the subject of the song is at the end of their tether and just wants to escape, feel something real and avoid the multiple stresses of their home. Whilst the city may be big, modern and shiny, this other place is much less false and so are the people who live there."

After a quick derailment - like everyone else in the world - we're sure Cardboard Seats is just the start of what Choosing Sides have to come, and considering the excitement building around them, you'd be dumb to not pay attention. Listen to the single below:

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