Premiere: We Lost The Sea tease their new album with A Beautiful Collapse

Premiere: We Lost The Sea tease their new album with A Beautiful Collapse

The band's new album, Triumph & Disaster, is out October 4th via Bird's Robe Records.

Header photo by Josh Groom.

In last month's Heavy Times column (a new column where we uncover the best music on the heavier side of rock to come out of Australia in the month prior), we shined a bright light towards We Lost The Sea, the post-metal-turned-progressive-post-rock Sydney act who at the time, were teasing an album with Towers, their first release since 2015's Departure Songs. "Towers immediately tells you that Triumph & Disaster - their upcoming new album - is going to be more triumph than it is a disaster. It's a roaring battle cry, a surging juggernaut - and not without some classic We Lost The Sea tension," we said on the track's release and in the time since it's only grown with us more; its roaring rhythms and strength allowing the band to stand tall amongst Australia's bustling heavy rock scene.

Now, comes the album's second taste A Beautiful Collapse, and with it, another sign that We Lost The Sea are pathing the way for another spectacular album. It builds into the album's thematic story of our planet's slow collapse, with Towers telling of both the triumphs - and disasters, as the album name suggests – of humankind and A Beautiful Collapse picking up where it left off; a rather soft, strumming opening making its way for a charged second half that feels more like the band's quick-firing instrumental pace.

"When we’ve failed for too long, and chosen to ignore science and the planet’s own desperate cries, we’ve hit the tipping point. It starts as a reflection on what was great, like a nostalgic view of our past. It then moves to an unstoppable and devastating change, ponders guitarist Mark Owen on the single as he explains its theme. "Our reliance and celebration of technology and the problems that come with rapidly advancing innovation. Perhaps it's from the view of the universe who watches back in on itself as we appear and disappear as a tiny blip on the cosmic radar. Or maybe it’s from the viewpoint of a particularly nonchalant omnipotent being who watches from afar with a morbid curiosity as the last death throes of humanity shudder one last time. Destruction as a form of creation. A Beautiful Collapse."

Check out the single's official video clip below, and pre-order the record HERE to get Triumph & Disaster when it first drops on October 4th via Bird's Robe Records (Australia) and October 25 via Translation Loss (US), Holy Roar (UK) and Dunk!Records (EU). If you've got tickets, catch them preview the album on August 24th at Sydney's The Vanguard; if not, too bad – it sold out in less than an hour.

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