Premiere: Semantics have a real bad day in the clip for new single, SDE

Premiere: Semantics have a real bad day in the clip for new single, SDE

On their new single - their first in 2020 - the Brisbane-based four-piece bring refined punk-rock energy into centre spotlight.

Header image by Harley Jones.

If you've been keeping an eye on the swelling next generation of Australia's punk rock world, then Semantics may be an act already on your radar. Over the last three years particularly, the Brisbane-based four-piece have emerged as fresh faces to the genre's chaotic, ruckus-inducing sound, with every release - from their self-titled debut EP back in 2017 to their latest EP, last year's five-track If You're Not Alright release - seeing them grow and evolve into heavyweights on the Brisbane live scene, backed up with shows at BIGSOUND, where they were a break-out act in their home city.

Throughout this time, their punk-rock energy has remained as consistent as their output; each track that litter their discography exploring the many facets of the genre and the tidings that come with each sound, from those that are authentically large and dominative, to those that sit on the more tender and subtle side of rock, packed full emotive energy that reeks through their vocal cries and longing, strong-powered melodies. 

No different is their new track and first for 2020, it seems. Arriving last Friday as a somewhat surprise release, SDE - the band's first track since If You're Not Alright last year - sees Semantics reclaim centre stage and argue for the punk-rock spotlight, stepping out of the tags that have dominated their career thus far - "punk's next best thing," being one of them - and establishing themselves as a cemented, go-to source for high-tier punk that'll leave you with whiplash by the time the track's thickly layered guitar and rolling percussion pace wraps up.

Additionally, SDE showcases the aforementioned versatility of Semantics, and their ability to combine this distinctive punk-rock sound with many elements that sit within the outer-edges, utilising the genre as a backbone and then, at least this time around, adding it with elements that come from the heavier realms of alt-rock and emo-rock, as well as the vocal-led characteristics that you'll find more often in classic indie and festival-ready Australian rock.

Today, however, we gather to premiere the clip for the single. Directed by Harley Jones, the clip layers a story of a real bad time amongst footage that flaunts their vivacious and high-energy live show; white-backed moments of energy and controlled chaos - which manages to make an impression even without the swelling crowd that often stands in front of the group in a live setting - chucked in between clips of coffee spills, broken down cars and a whole bunch more.

It's quite a time, and with plenty more to come, it's clear that 2020 is a year for Semantics to grab ahold of and blossom into something special. In the meantime, however, dive into the clip below:

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