Premiere: RedHook bring zombie roller-disco horror in the clip for Dead Walk

Premiere: RedHook bring zombie roller-disco horror in the clip for Dead Walk

After dropping the single - their first for 2020 - last week, the Australian rock band now pair with signature, horror-dripped visuals.

Over the last few years, RedHook have very quickly made a case for being the country's next big metal break-outs. With a string of singles across the last two years, the group have become specialised in plucking various sounds within the heavier rock canon - slick metal-pop, gritty rock and so on - and combining them with a sense of horror-laden theatrics and drama, giving something far different to the rest of the country's heavier rock world and in the process, becoming a break-out act in international waters too (especially in the UK, where sets at Download UK, for example, have ushered them into the upper echelon of the next generation).

It's something they've quickly made their distinct, characteristic sound, whether it's full-frontal and aggressive like in Paralysed and Only Bones - two stand-alone singles they shared last year - or whether it's something that seeps through in a more subtle way; whether that be the theatrical dramatisation that underlays frontwoman Emmy Mack and her powerful vocal, or the addition of a few particular melodies and samples that give their work this underpinning, haunting edge.

Their latest single Dead Walk is a track amongst the former category, with the group whipping up a storm of heavy guitar and thick percussion and placing this horror-tuned shading in the foreground, to the point where it's an almost confronting and thrilling listen that would leave you in a similar state to a well-done thriller film. "Dead Walk - at its groovy, rotten core - is a song about dark, buried secrets coming back to bite you in the ass," says Emmy on the track, which arrived at the tail-end of last month. "We Still Know What You Did Last Summer."

Today, however, we're premiering the single's official video clip, which takes this haunting, horror-adjacent sound and repositions it in a central frame as they resurrect an old roller-disco, only this time with zombies. It's a video that captures the charm a B-grade horror movie at its best, from the comedic relief of its absurdity - which we mean in the best possible way - right through to the "This is more funny than it is thrilling, but I'm also kinda deep-down scared?" complexities often laugh-horror that, again in the best possible way, really shine through in this clip.

"The process for filming the Dead Walk music video was equal parts great fun and sheer terror," says Emmy on the clip. "Lowlights include getting buried alive in the bush behind our mate's property at 5AM on a dark, rainy morning and then rocking up to my hair appointment picking dirt out of my ears. Highlights include throwing a zombie roller disco inside a church and walking around Erko to buy snacks while looking like grotty undead freaks, just as people were starting to become concerned about a certain pandemic that was creeping into the headlines. We got some looks!"

Dive into the clip below, and stay tuned to see what else RedHook have up their sleeve this year:

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