Premiere: Perth favourites Red Engine Caves make a comeback with White Tile Fever

Premiere: Perth favourites Red Engine Caves make a comeback with White Tile Fever

After three years of silence, the rock trio will be returning with new material and a gig at Freo Social next month.

If you were at all familiar with the Perth live music scene around three years ago, chances are Red Engine Caves is a band name you recognise - if not with a bit of nostalgia. Once upon a time, they were tipped to be amongst Perth's next big thing, with charging riffs and a larger-than-life sound somehow moulded together with an 70s-esque raw edge that was really unlike anything else on our circuit. They were bent on high-energy and ruckus-inducing shows (bloody noses and mosh pits were definitely common at a Red Engine Caves show), and over the years, they did a bunch of things many bands would dream of, whether that be releasing an album back in 2016, or...

Gifting a Black Mary vinyl to Tony Hawk, with legendary photographer Tim Swallow and Sean Keenan from Puberty Blues...

red engine caves 3

Being stage-jacked by Green Day in Sydney...

red engine caves 1

Or throwing door money back into the crowd when they headlined Freo institution Mojo's (supported by the then-small Psychadelic Prawn Crumpets, no less).

red engine caves 2

Unfortunately, they have been relatively silent as a group in the time since. Cal, their drummer, has found a tonne of fame in The Southern River Band, but the band as a whole has been quiet ever since vanishing back in 2016 - until now. Almost exactly three years later, the cult-favourites have returned with a new chapter, bookmarked by a new single White Tile Fever - premiering on Pilerats today - and a returning, homecoming show at Freo.Social on August 16th. On the new music front, White Tile Fever bids the return of their energy-packed rock and roll sound which years later only feels more fun, capturing their strength and vigour in this classic rock and roll sound that packs all the ferocity of their past work, while taking a look into the future, as the band's Ralf Sunbird says: "I think a big part of working out what your sound is living the life you want to live. After time away we’re all nailing that! Now you should hear this fucking sound!"

On the live show front, their return will see them grace - but perhaps destroy - the new-ish Freo.Social on August 16th, joined by a stack of talent both new and old - Marmalade Mama, The Wilds, MOTH and DJ Bee Rizzi. If you're wondering what to expect, perhaps take a dive back to an interview we did with the boys back in the old days: "Some sweet rock'n'roll bands, getting loose and stingin’." You can cop tickets to their returning show HERE, but in the meantime, dive into White Tile Fever below and stay tuned for more to come.

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