Premiere: Luke Daniel Peacock readies a big year with new single, Give Me A Reason

Premiere: Luke Daniel Peacock readies a big year with new single, Give Me A Reason

After making a strong return in 2019, the Australian musician is following it up with more singles to come.

Luke Daniel Peacock is possibly someone you've come across before, with the Brisbane-based musician once primed to be a one-to-watch amongst Australia's indie-centric pop world. In 2016, his debut album We've Come A Long Way Darling put his name on the map, being a collection of tracks that introduced not just his brilliant songwriting and knack for squeezing every last ounce of emotion out of his work, but also an introduction to the multi-faceted musician behind it; his stories and recollections fuelling every longing lyric and melody.

In the time since, the musician has been largely quiet, doing the odd show to support his spontaneously-released debut album while further working on his songwriting, refining his sound and honing in on his craft in the process of doing so. Then, late last year, came the first taste of something new, with Older Than being a runaway success that furthered Luke's sound and doubled down on his ability for potent songwriting, labelling him an act to keep an eye on in a time where so many others are making themselves known at the same time. Still, thanks to a song like Older Then, Luke Daniel Peacock managed to stand out.

Now, with more singles on the way and a further time spent building himself up and growing, Luke Daniel Peacock is diving head-first into 2020 with his first single since, Give Me A Reason. It's a track laden with nostalgia, combining this rich backbone of his work with flutters of mid-2000s indie and 90s synth-pop alike; dancing synth work moving amongst his vocal that navigates the production that moves around it. It's a little more electronic comparative to his past work, built from experimentalism that shows how he's continued to evolve and extend himself in everything he releases.

As he explains, a lot of this experimentation derived from time spend in isolation, which gave Luke the time to really refine his sound while trying to incorporate new flavours and tones within its core. "A benefit of forced isolation was that I could go back and enjoy production styles and techniques that I was playing with as a teenager in my bedroom - using drum machines and sounds that weren’t restrained to a traditional band format," he says. You can tell it was something on the horizon - little peaks of electronica have made themselves known in Luke's past work - but this time they're front and centre, embraced by a musician who uses them perfectly.

"This song explores the emotions surrounding a person or people asking when enough is enough. It uses the analogy of an unbalanced personal relationship to examine deeper and broader forms of suffering, patience and self-worth."

There's plenty more to come from the musician, who between singles such as Give Me A Reason and recent sets for Isol-Aid, seems to be making the most out of a negative time for local musicians just starting to find their feet. 

In the meantime, however, take a dive into Give Me A Reason below:

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