Meet: Beach Bleach - Waiting

Meet: Beach Bleach - Waiting

With their sophomore single Waiting out last week, we get to know the emerging Boorloo-based indie-fusion trio

Image credit: Jayda Whitehall

Having only just released their debut single Nothing To Lose last month, West Aussie trio Beach Bleach are wasting no time in getting more music out to the world as the dropped single number two last week.

Showcasing the band's diversity and range, Waiting sees the band shift gears from the jazzier sounds of Nothing To Lose, upping the ante and intensity with the breakbeat-infused, drum & bass meets grunge genre-blurring vibes.

With Waiting the latest taste from their forthcoming EP I Can See Through You, we caught up with Beach Bleach to find out all about them and their sounds!

Tell us about Beach Bleach?

Each member of Beach Bleach brings their unique style and influences into our performances and music and it creates a bit of a wild mix. We have Luna on bass, Isis on vocals and Amaru on guitar and beats. We experiment in our composition, mixing up soul-jazz, hip-hop, blues and rock, trying to find that hair raising, static feel. We all love getting down to different live shows together usually ending up at our local dive bar having some spicy pickle backs. We’re all very passionate about the arts and enjoy creating different visual art when we are not making music, but just not publicly.

How did Beach Bleach form?

Luna and Amaru are family and met Isis at local gigs. After catching up over a couple gigs we went to do a support gig with our mates down in Albany, the band’s first road trip! The gig was wicked and kick-ons were wicked 2.0 and on the road back we didn’t want the fun times to end, so we’re still kicking on.

Tell us about your creative process?

Amaru loves doing music production, using different instruments and effects. As a band we look for things that match but that can change up the dynamics of a song and we like it when we can get a wild vibe on a track. When we’re jamming, we hardly ever play the same song in the same way and we live for a bit of change and the unexpected in our songs. Lyrically, the songs bring an underdog perspective with a bit of dry humour. We write from our personal experiences, but we also use personification when we are writing about bigger issues or flaws in different characters.

Tell us about your new Waiting?

Waiting was created as a breakbeat-infused, distorted, genre-blurring track, opening with atmospheric, swirling synths that are soon met with running drum breaks, before kicking into overdrive with distorted guitars and Isis’s cool, reverberant vocals. Lyrically, Waiting started as a poem and delves into the feeling of being trapped in limbo, disillusioned by the absence of answers to crucial matters and cautious of straw man arguments. We wanted to fuse together hectic energy with suspense, and contain it but not tame it.  Before we recorded the track, Waiting went through a few transformations and was really developed into its current form through live shows inspired by the amount of people head banging.

What's coming up for the rest of the year?

We’re super excited for our upcoming EP release, I Can See Through You, which is coming out mid July. Can’t wait for our launch party which we will update on our Instagram. Looking forward to lots of gigging around town or out in the fields.

How can fans best support your music?

The band will love you forever if you come to our live shows! We update our Instagram with upcoming gigs and releases or even the odd artwork…..or merch. You can find our tracks on all of the main streaming platforms too!

What have you been listening to lately?

Beach Bleach is a huge local lover of local bands and we just got to shout out some of these legends: Lazer Gator, SUPEREGO, MOANA, Mathas, Flewnt, People Taking Pictures, Moth Street Artists and Last Quokka!   

Beach Bleach's new single Waiting is out now

Beach Bleach Waiting Artwork

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