Meet Angie and her sensational third album, Shyness

Meet Angie and her sensational third album, Shyness

The Sydney-based singer-songwriter will also be hitting up Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra at the tail-end of this month for album launch parties.

Sydney musician Angie has been a force in the underground for a while now, establishing her own name through a multitude of aliases and projects including Circle Pit, Southern Comfort and Ruined Fortune, amongst others. Her new album Shyness - her third under the solo Angie moniker - is a brooding, ever-expanding piece of work that sees her switch up her sound, distancing herself from the guitar-backed second album Free Agent in favour of a more piano-laden tone. It's still got that down-tempo, gripping emotive feel that her past records have had, however, with the somewhat deep lyricism across the album's seven tracks all feeling very at home with its soft-spoken nature, perfectly harmonising with the accompanying fragile instrumental backgrounds. She's currently up for a round of album launches towards at end of this month (dates below) that'll see her tour a portion of the east coast accompanied by a grand piano, which is no doubt going to be an absolute pearler of a show if it's anything close to Shyness.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Angie and at the moment I enjoy making ceramics in my spare time and ice skating. I have worked over 20 jobs, including a waitress at a pizzeria, telemarketer, tour guide for children at a museum, bookseller, video archivist, to name a few!

What kinda music are we talking?

Usually, I devote myself to electric guitars, trying to define the term ‘rock music’ that seems to be a bit dubious these days - but at the moment I'm performing on piano a record that I recently released, called Shyness. I’m obsessed with piano at the moment, I play every day, learning old Italian pieces from the 1600s and more and also trying to write instrumental compositions.

Production/writing process?

The writing process was definitely a slow burn kinda evolution. The record started forming in Brazi and was completed in Sydney. It was initially formed through looping acoustic guitar pieces, but later transformed onto piano.

Can you tell us about your new album, Shyness?

Shyness - it is a beautiful thing, I’m not sure how it happened! But it is somehow here in all its glory. I would say take a listen and enjoy it alone, while feeling subtly contemplative, but also while you have friends over, with wine.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I’ll be performing the record at a few shows - Friday May 26th in Sydney at 107 Projects, Sat 27th in Canberra at Ainslee and Gorman Arts Centre and June 3 in Melbourne, and at part of Repressed Records’ show for Vivid at the Opera House on June 1.

Where can we hear more of your music?

I believe there is stuff online, but you can also find the new LP at your local record store! :)


Fri 26 May - 107 Projects, Sydney w/ Knitted Abyss, Spike Vincent & Table

Sat 27 May - Ainslie Arts Centre, Canberra w/ Thunderbolt City, TVCR & Spike Vincent

Thu 1 June - Repressed Records 15th Anniversary @ Northern Boardwalk, Sydney (VIVID SHOW)

Sat 3 June - Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne w/ Callan & Terminal Infant

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