Listen to Lover (Don’t Let Me Down), a dreamy return from London rockers Palace

Listen to Lover (Don’t Let Me Down), a dreamy return from London rockers Palace

The sweeping new single is the first taste of the UK band's third album Shoals, out in January next year.

Header image by Daniel Harris.

London-based alt-rock band Palace have come a long, long way since their entrance. Their debut EP Lost in the Night arrived amongst the tail-end of a glory era for UK indie-rock, adding a blues-inspired twist to the turn-of-the-decade alt-rock sound which became one of the world's nostalgic favourites, and an ever-living presence thanks to hallmark acts like The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club. "A part of us thought we might be the shittest band in the world," they joked in the beginnings of their career, something which turned out to be the furthest from actual truth: "And the moment we started playing, we could see it in people’s faces. They liked it."

Since the arrival of their debut EP seven years ago, Palace have twisted their sound into many facets amongst the alt-blues-indie-rock-pop umbrella. Their two albums - 2016's So Long Forever and 2019's Life After - see their backbone in swaying, dreamy indie-rock combined with influences dated amongst the UK's musical history, from those a little heavier and inspired by the acts that gave them a leg-up early on - Jamie T, for example - right through to those a little more centred in those blues-esque rhythms, and the stepping percussion that stems from that.

Now, they've got their eyes on a third album titled Shoals, scheduled for release on Fiction Records / Virgin Music Australia on January 22nd, 2022. It's an album that's bound to showcase even more sonic evolution for the London-based four-piece, going deeper into their questioning songwriting as they gaze upon bigger issues within this album, and reflect on the rollercoastering experiences of the years since their last album in 2019. "It explores and questions what really is palpable and real – what really matters and what we become in death, and the fear of that," says frontman Leo Wyndham.

This increased emphasis on songwriting is something that feels centred on the album's first taste Lover (Don't Let Me Down), which is dreamy in its hazy mix of guitars and percussion but heavier when you focus on the song's darker lyricism, and the greater messaging that according to Wyndham, define the larger album looming for release next year. "It's an ode to the power of the ocean and the majesty of nature and how sometimes they are the only things that truly feel real, living and breathing," he continues.

Over the last seven years, Palace have pushed themselves to the limits with everything they've released, and now - as we sit on the edge of another new album from the band - it's clear that they're continuing to grow. This time, their evolution feels particularly prevalent in the reflections that have come with their last few years, and on Shoals, we can't wait to see this come to life.

In the meantime, take a dive into Lover (Don't Let Me Down) below:


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