Jeremy Loops offers five surf spots he's looking forward to hitting on his upcoming Oz tour

Jeremy Loops offers five surf spots he's looking forward to hitting on his upcoming Oz tour

He'll be celebrating his recently-released album, Critical As Water.

Given he's just released his new album, Critical As Water, it makes a lot of sense that South African artist Jeremy Loops is looking forward to hitting the surf when he arrives in Australia next week for a big tour. Themes of water run deep within Critical As Water, with his passion for the ocean balanced only by his fears regarding the water situation in his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa: "I grew frustrated trying to force the music because I knew the album was due, but one night after an incredible surf, I got home, picked up my guitar, and wrote Waves. Coincidence or not, I became deliberate about scheduling time in the ocean as a means to writing the album and the songs just kept coming.

"It isn’t all doom and gloom. If anything, this is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever made and it’s warm and lush, but the joyful highs are tempered by the real urgency of the problems the world is facing. Times are always changing. We all have the innate ability to flow like water to adapt to it. I like that about life, and I especially like how that comes across on this album. It feels wonderfully rounded."

Continuing the theme, he sent us a list of surf spots he's looking forward to hitting up when he arrives in the country next week - check it out along with that full run of dates below:

Bells Beach

I’ve been watching my favourite surfers tear this wave apart since I was just a grom. It’s obviously a pretty ruthless wave when it’s on, but I see it almost as a pilgrimage I need to make at some stage in my life.

Byron Bay

There are loads of spots I’d love to surf in Byron Bay, the Wreck being one of them. As a natural footer I’m always biased toward the right handers and Bryon Bay is full of them. I’d be stoked to spend a little time there in general because I also know it’s really beautiful and kinda seems similar to where I grew up.

Snapper Rocks

I’ve met both Mick and Parko during their time surfing our J Bay events in South Africa. They’re both Snapper Rock locals and have been some of my favourite surfers to watch over the years. Stephanie Gilmore too. She’s just next level. I’ve always dreamed of getting multiple pits at the famous ‘superbank’ even though I know it’s more like dodger cars out there with just an immense amount of crowds along that entire stretch. Still, I’ll be looking to make that happen at some stage :)

Three Bears

I’ve heard about this spot from a few people. It’s a bit off the beaten path and you need a Troopy or something to get there, but apparently it’s uncrowded and has multiple peaks. I’m all about that.

Whitehaven/Fraser Island

Uncrowded, expansive, beautiful. Some fun open beaches good for logging. We have a few surf spots back home where there is just no one around, and sometimes I’d choose that over better waves for sure.


Tue 22 May - Capitol, Perth

Wed 23 May - Fowlers, Adelaide

Thu 24 May - Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sat 26 May - The Zoo, Brisbane

Sun 27 May - Factory, Sydney

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