Introducing Jealous Of The Birds, an Irish artist making some rad indie/alt-rock

Introducing Jealous Of The Birds, an Irish artist making some rad indie/alt-rock

She's recently release a new EP, The Moths Of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep.

Belfast-based artist Naomi Hamilton, under the guise of Jealous Of The Birds, is getting ready to take on the world. Working with longstanding manager, producer and sounding board, Declan Legge, she released her debut album Parma Violets in 2016, and this year it's received something of a mini re-release in the form of new EP, The Moths Of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep, after she signed with Canvasback in America and UK indie Hand In Hive.

Find out a little more about her below:

Tell us about yourself?

My name’s Naomi Hamilton and I’m a 22 year-old musician from Northern Ireland who writes under the moniker Jealous Of The Birds. Been writing poetry and playing guitar since I was 12. Passionate about Beat literature, burritos and every kind of dog there is.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

A blend of alt/indie-rock and singer/songwriter.

Production/writing process:

My introduction to music and the recording process was insanely DIY in the sense that I was gifted some basic recording gear and made music in my bedroom for about a year or so. That’s still how I tend to write and demo songs now before taking them into the studio. I often re-draft material I’ve noted down in journals and noodle around on a bunch instruments until I hit something good.

Can you tell us about your new EP, The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me in My Sleep?

Since signing to Canvasback/Atlantic this year, we wanted to give a fresh introduction to the music, so we re-recorded four songs off my debut LP Parma Violets and added a new single Plastic Skeletons to form this EP. It’s pretty much a bite-sized taste of Jealous Of The Birds so far.

Any shows coming up?

We’re playing a couple shows in Dublin in the next couple months, including supporting Suede at Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on October 14th. Then we have a UK tour coming up in mid-November. All info available on the JOTB WEBSITE.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Getting ready to release new music early next year.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, Deezer.

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