Introducing Past Ghosts and their soaring debut single, Empires

Introducing Past Ghosts and their soaring debut single, Empires

A new Perth outfit with a very strong pedigree of previous acts.

Past Ghosts are three-piece born out North Dandelup - a tiny regional town in Western Australia. A couple of its members - producer Alvyn Tan and drummer Jade Masters used to be members of Tim & Jean, while singer Chris Kinna sings in another killer WA band, Indigo. Together the three of them form Pasts Ghosts, and their anthemic debut single Empires definitely has our ears pricked for future releases. Kinda like Tim & Jean mashed up with The Naked & The Famous, it's a cracking start from some talented musicians. Get to know 'em a little better below:

Tell us about yourselves:

Chris (vocals): I’ve been playing music since I can remember and have been in and out of bands most of my life. Recently I’ve been performing in Perth group, Indigo where we have been slugging it out for the past five years or so playing the pub scene and festivals slots in between. We are currently recording our third EP. I live in a tiny shack in Dawesville that overlooks the Peel inlet. You can catch me doing my thing at Gilbert’s Fresh in Mandurah.

Alvyn (producer/keys): I’ve always loved challenging myself to write different kinds of music because I’m kind of a nerd. Starting off in high school playing in a pop punk band (no shame), I then went on to produce a synth pop album with my good mate, Tim Ayre. After that I decided to make beats under the name LVYN. Now I guess Past Ghosts is my next thing. I’m a big fan of just going with the flow and not being precious about anything I make.

Jade (drums): After a three year hiatus it feels great to be back writing and playing. Drums for me is 18 years in the making and after stints with Yabu, Tim and Jean, and The Lazy Calm it feels refreshing to be back working on a new project. What I’m loving most is the writing process and exploring the many topics that the world has to offer.

What kinda tunes we talkin?

Not even sure yet. We’re still sussing that one out given we’re so new to the scene but hopefully tunes that people will relate to in an honest way. We like the idea of summery/uplifting vibes but with lyrics that are somewhat heavy if you actually listen to them.

Production/Writing Process:

Three awkward dudes in a smelly bedroom turned home studio (see band pic for confirmation). Jade and Chris come up with lyrics/melodies and Alvyn comes up with sounds on his Macbook and midi keyboard. After hours of terrible lyrics and cheesy synths we usually end up finding the least naff lyrics and passable sounds then roll with those ideas.

Tell us about your new single Empires:

Empires is a song about our frustrations with the world’s current political climate and focuses on appreciating what we have while we have it. We didn’t want it to feel like a downer track though so we consciously tried to give it a happy, anthemic sound. Jade came to Alvyn one day with the lyrics and then Alvyn threw a few sounds together. As an afterthought we figured the track needed some decent vocals which is why we dragged Chris in. The rest came together pretty naturally.

Any shows coming up?

Top secret…will keep you posted.

What does the rest of the year have in store?

Working on tracks to go with our single, Empires.

Where can we hear more of your music:

Well if you wanted to check out our other projects, feel free to do so: LVYN and INDIGO. And Jade shakes the rattle at home with his newborn daughter.

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