Meet Comedown Party and their moody debut single, Sentimental

Meet Comedown Party and their moody debut single, Sentimental

Their subtle, gloomy sound is the perfect accompaniment to the winter weather.

Melbourne's Comedown Party are an act worth paying attention to. Their debut single, Sentimental, is a cloudy, moody display of subtle indie-electronica, combining softly-sung vocals with a spiralling instrumental that blends warm synth with smooth guitar, subtle bass and crackling samples, forming this sound that would be the perfect aural accompaniment to a rainy winters evening (which we would know all about right now, being winter and all). It's raw and intimate yet also slick and polished, something the musician take to heart, and definitely worth keeping an eye on as they set themselves up to be an act to watch through the rest of the year. Listen to the debut single below, and get to know Comedown Party and what they're all about a little better below that.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Edvard and I make music under the name Comedown Party. Initially, Comedown Party was just for me, wanting to make songs that didn’t have to fit within the constraints of a band or need to be limited by anything. I think a lot about how different sounds can make you feel and spend most of my time fiddling trying to make songs that sound like the thoughts I have when I’m on my own.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

I think generally they’re pretty gloomy. I find the music quite hard to describe, it’s a blend of sampled drum grooves, live instruments like bass, guitar and warm synths along with any interesting vinyl samples I come across. Hopefully, with all of these parts cut and recorded from different places, the songs become a mix of different genres.

Production/writing process:

The writing and production is definitely all tied into one. I’ll often start with a bass line I’ve recorded or listening through records until there’s a little moment that makes me feel nostalgic or resonates somewhere and I build around that. I think it’s those first elements that dictate a mood and from there that prompts the lyrics and how things get layered on top of each other.

Can you tell us about your new single, Sentimental?

Yes! It’s the first single for Comedown Party and something I’ve been really looking forward to sharing. Sentimental started with the first drum groove you hear. Its stayed where it was as soon as I found it, it feels like it’s heavy and just trudging along. I think in a sense that’s a theme in Sentimental too - where you’ve got so much empty time, and later realising the things you missed and could’ve done.

Any shows coming up?

Nothing announced at the moment, but they’ll be lots coming up over the next few months…

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

They’ll be another single out pretty soon and more music coming later in the year with some visuals. I’ll also be playing some headline shows too.


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