Album Walkthrough: Charlie Collins talks her 'exposing' debut album, Snowpine

Album Walkthrough: Charlie Collins talks her 'exposing' debut album, Snowpine

The Tamworth musician, one of our acts to watch in 2019, marks her lane with an incredible debut album.

Charlie Collins is something special. Ever since we were introduced to her expert story-telling and subtle indie sound with her debut single Wish You Were Here, the Tamworth-raised singer-songwriter has blossomed into one of our indie-pop scene's most spectacular and beautiful, something she seems to cement with release after release after release. There was Mexico, a second single as tender as it was catchy and a track that found itself being one of 2018's most-repeated; Beautifully Blind, the first track for 2019 that paved the year for a dominative year ahead; Space Between, a moment more country-inspired and delicate as she offers moments of versatility before one final tease, Please Let Me Go, defines the intimacy and vulnerability that would come to shape her debut album, Snowpine.

For an artist so young in the public eye and the pressures that may come alongside this, Snowpine is a magical release that encompasses the many facets of Charlie Collins as a complex artist with a broad range. It doesn't hold to one sound nor one theme in its lyrics; instead, it introduces you into everything about Charlie Collins as a musician and as a person. It's intimate and personal - you can feel the vulnerability Collins offers throughout many of Snowpine's moments - but you can find comfort and warmth within her stories at the same time, drawn in by the hooks and instrumentation that dance throughout the record.

"Snowpine is about my journey from when I was a kid to now," Charlie Collins says on the record, reflecting on how the record captures her rise from a young, Tamworth musician playing local pubs to now, where she counts tour mates Gang of Youths, plus Amy Shark and Courtney Barnett, as some of her biggest fans. "I’m nervous and excited to release this vulnerable body of work. I expose a lot about who I am, what I’ve been through, people I love who have suffered, and what I still struggle with. I hope you enjoy my life book, my story, and maybe understand me a little better." This authenticity is something that really shines throughout Snowpine. At every given moment, no matter what the song, it feels like Collins welcoming you into her life - the highs, the lows, the moments in-between - opening up lyrically as she grooves and twists amongst subtle backings of guitar and percussion; delicate enough that they don't overshadow her songwriting and charming vocal, but strong enough that capture your attention and force you to acknowledge the many forms of beauty amongst the record.

Concept-wise and thematically, there's a lot to chew off from a record so built upon vulnerability. Which is why, celebrating the album's release and forthcoming shows with country legend Kasey Chambers, she's walking us through the album one track at a time, covering the album's creation, recording, and what's come to shape one of Australian indie's most captivating debuts thus far.


This is one of the most personal songs I’ve written. It’s about when I was battling severe depression. I was using alcohol and cigarettes as a bandaid to suppress my emotions, struggling each day to fight my inner demons. This song means a lot to me because it reminds me of where I was and how far I’ve come and evolved.

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is about having a soul connection with someone. Doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic way. It’s about when you find someone or something that makes you feel alive, inspired and have this deep understanding of one another and wanting to go even deeper.

Who’s Gonna Save You Now

It’s never easy seeing someone you love run themselves into the ground; not seeing who they truly are or value there worth. This song is about the affect that had on me and trying to help them overcome the darkness from personal experiences.


Mexico was inspired but a friend that just went through a breakup and went on a journey to find himself. It’s about when you truly want to be with someone but the love isn’t reciprocated but eventually realising that maybe it’s better to let go then be let down.

Take My Chances

I’ve always been someone who used to self-sabotage when something seemed too perfect. I found it hard to take a chance on something because I was afraid of failure. It’s about me trying to push someone I love with all my heart away because of that but then realising I need to better myself in order to make it right.

Space Between

I got the inspiration for Space Between from people around me that were feeling trapped and lost in their relationship. It’s about falling in the depths of fake emotions whilst tearing each other apart

Beautifully Blind

Beautifully Blind is a look at toxic relationships. The song was written with friends who came to the session with this idea of two people tearing each other apart, not knowing that pain was already in my orbit. Our words connected on this tune that shows the contradictory pathetic and poetic faces we use to mask our hurt.

Won’t Say It’s Over

I’ve been playing music since I was ten years old. While other kids had sleepovers and hung out with friends I was singing in pubs and bars hanging out with adults. As my musical journey continued, people I loved started to venture off on other journeys which made me question myself and also if I was even on the right road. This about me believing in that long, hard, challenging but a beautiful journey and not giving into negativity I put upon myself.

Doing It Wrong

This is about feeling unsatisfied, like no one really gets or understands you. Wanting more of someone or something, exploring wild, dark, imaginary thoughts and wanting someone to go there with you.

Please Let Me Go

This is somewhat of a self-pity song. I was feeling sorry for myself when I wrote this as I just felt like I couldn’t “win” in a sense. I just felt tired and didn’t feel like I had the strength to keep going, constantly comparing myself to others around me and feeling like somewhere along the lines I failed.

Run Dry

I’ve never written a song where I cry the whole way through writing until this one. I wrote this about my sister who was trying to deal with the aftermath of a toxic divorce. She was weary, exhausted, run down and completely broken. I would stay over and watch her cry herself to sleep and it broke my heart in a way I’ve never known.

Tour Dates (with Kasey Chambers):

Friday 13th September – The Palms at Crown, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 14th September – Costa Hall @ GPAC, Geelong, VIC
Sunday 15th September – Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre, Wangaratta, VIC
Thursday 19th September – Lismore City Hall, Lismore, NSW
Friday 20th September – The Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday 21st September – Southport RSL Club, Southport, QLD
Friday 4th October – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 5th October – The Astor Theatre, Perth, WA
Sunday 6th October – Bridgetown, WA
Friday 11th October – Town Hall Theatre @ PAC, Devonport, TAS
Saturday 12th October – Theatre North at the Princess, Launceston, TAS
Sunday 13th October – Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart, TAS
Thursday 17th October – Anitas Theatre, Thirroul, NSW
Friday 18th October – Evan Theatre @ Panthers, Penrith, NSW
Saturday 19th October – The Cube, Campbelltown, NSW
Sunday 20th October – Bathurst Memorial Theatre, Bathurst, NSW
Friday 25th October – Giant Dwarf Theatre, Redfern, NSW
Saturday 26th October – Nex Theatre, Newcastle, NSW
Sunday 27th October – The Playhouse Theatre @ CTC, Canberra, ACT

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