Pilerats' Guide To SOTA Festival

Pilerats' Guide To SOTA Festival

A heap of the acts we're excited to see at this weekend's State Of The Art Festival.

This Saturday 30 May sees the return of WA's State Of The Art Festival, taking over the Perth Cultural Centre from 2-10pm, and featuring a glorious mix of this state's most exciting young acts alongside some old favourites. We're stoked to get to play amongst a heap of acts on the State Theatre Courtyard stage, and below is a rough guide of how our day's gonna look as we traipse around all of the different stages.


2PM: Well us of course, but to be fair we don't have much choice.

2.15PM: To keep it simple we're gonna hang around the State Theatre stage early and check out Marksman Lloyd. He recently dropped a free track on the Pilerats Soundcloud, featuring another WA hip hop riser in Coin Banks, and produced by Pilerats' own Sable:

3PM: We're not gonna get too lazy, although we will definitely catch a bit of Lilt after they killed at our most recent At The Pile event. But then it's off to catch one of our fave Perth rock'n'roll outfits Hideous Sun Demon smash out some proper thrashy guitars:

4PM: Rock pig instincts now in full swing, it'll be time time to swagger over to another of Perth's finest rock outfits in The Love Junkies, who've been continuously putting on one of this state's finest live shows for a good few years now. That said if you've been going too hard too early, get your R&B/soul vibes on with Grace Barbé.

4.50PM: It's gonna be hard to stay away from the Community Supergroup at the Urban Orchard Stage. The Community have been at the forefront of forward-thinking, underground electronic music in Perth for a long time now, and given the quality of artists that fly under the Community banner, this will be a perfect late-arvo groove. One member is Mathas, who recently dropped the tune below that we've had on high rotation since its release last week.

5.40PMThis is where things start to get tricky. The Drones' Gareth LiddiardRainy Day Women (who we recently premiered the below clip for) or freakin' Perth hip hop institution Downsyde. Honestly this is gonna have to be a bit of everyone, as we swagger our way up from the first to finish up with the last.

7PM: There's only a few hours left, so it'll be time to take a bit of a breather and maybe grab some food so we've got energy to burn as day becomes night and things start to get a bit merry. And SOTA have recruited a huge line-up of great local eateries to help out with those hunger pains, so hit one of these up while you sit down for a dose of nostalgia with You Am I.

SOTA food

7.40PM: We are all about Koi Child at the moment (that's them in the header photo, shot my Matsu Photography), so we'll definitely be bopping at the Courtyard Stage to check 'em out, followed by perennial Pile-fave Lower Spectrum. His introspective and thoughtful electronic productions take on a whole nother realm in the live setting, making for a thumping dancefloor set to mesmerising projections.

8.35PM: We'll probably split the diff for a while between WA legends The Scientists and Birds Of Tokyo, take a breather to rest our "broken bones" for the impending throw down from...

9PM: Sable! We've been sitting on a whole swag of new tunes from the wunderkid as he gallavants across the world to meet up with some next level producers in the States, so we can't wait to see what he delivers in live form come Saturday.


Look, we've barely scratched the surface of a bloody brilliant-looking day, and you can get more info via the SOTA WEBSITE, or grab a cheap-as-chips final release tickets HERE.

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