Batman Games Totally Worth Your Time

Batman Games Totally Worth Your Time

Finished with Arkham Knight and still need a Batman fix? Here are some top-shelf Batman games to revisit.

By Andii Williams.

Have you saved Gotham, collected all 200+ riddler trophies and put all of Gotham’s Super Villains behind bars? Not ready to hang up your cape and cowl just yet? Don't worry there are plenty of other great Batman games for you to sink your batarang in to. Here's a few of my favourites worth checking out.

Lego Batman

Platforms: Just about everything

Developer: Travellers Tales

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Released: 2008 - 2015

In the same vain as other Lego Games such as Lego Star Wars comes Lego Batman. Whilst core gameplay is similar to the other Lego games what really stands out here is the series’ wonderful voice acting and story. Tongue-in-cheek humour is part of any Lego game but seeing this put on a typically dark Batman world is very amusing. If you enjoyed Batman in the Lego Animated Movie you're going to love this series.

Featuring a detailed open world, batmobile, a huge number of playable characters and an insane amount of collectibles there is more than enough here to keep you occupied for hours. Add in couch co-op and you've got the recipe for a good time.

The series features three games to date. I’d recommend starting with 2 or 3, but really, all three are great and can be picked up easily digitally or in your local game store.

DC Universe Online

Platforms: PS3, PS4, PC

Developer: Daybreak Game Company

Released: 2011

Released in 2011, DC Universe Online represents Sony’s first serious venture into the MMORPG genre (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) on a console. The game sees you create your own superhero in the DC Universe and assigning them to a school of combat as either a hero or villain under one of the main characters such as Batman, Superman, Joker, Lex Luthor etc. etc. You then battle it out in either Gotham City or Metropolis along with other heroes or villains completing quests and taking on dungeons. Your typical MMO affair really.

Considered flawed at is initial release due to frequent bugs and controversial payment systems Daybreak have done a great job at smoothing it all out and giving players Free To Play options. And thats really the key here - it's free to download and try on all platforms. And the amount of content Daybreak have continued to give players is outstanding. Well worth the price of admission. Give this one a try if you have some spare mates to jump in with and fancy something a bit more meaty.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Platforms: PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U

Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Released: 2013

From the team that brought you Mortal Kombat X earlier this year is their 2013 release Injustice: Gods Among Us. The fighting game based in the DC Universe borrows heavily from its Mortal Kombat cousin meaning if you enjoyed Mortal Kombat there will be a lot to get out of this too. 

Featuring a large roster of characters including all the staples such as Batman, Superman, Joker, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Nightwing and many more there is plenty here to go around. The game also features and extensive Single Player Campaign which is well worth it for the story alone. This is one of the best DC stories told on a screen to date. If the upcoming Justice League movie is going to be remotely like this I’ll be first in line. Heavily featured in the game is the ability to interact with the environments bringing a more “super hero” feel to the game. It is entirely possible to smash a character through boundary walls into new environments to play in which is fantastic spectacle to watch.

Still available just about everywhere on the cheap this is well worth a look if you're looking for something to play with your mates on the couch. Grab some beers, sit back and enjoy smashing Aquaman's face to a bloody pulp.

Batman The Video Game

Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega MegaDrive, Game Boy

Developer: SunSoft Inc.

Released: 1989

If you're looking for a something a little more old school and challenging, look no further than Batman The Video Game. Released in 1989 for the Michael Keaton Batman movie this 2D side scroller seeings you taking on enemies such as The Electrocutioner, Killer Moth, Firebug, Deadshot and of course, The Joker.

While quite dated now, this game is definitely a trip down memory lane. Full of nostalgia and pulling from other games of its time such as Ninja Gaiden it can be a strong challenge. But isn't that why we love games from this era? 

A quick scan of eBay tells me you can pick this game up very cheaply, so if you have a spare NES or Megadrive laying around go grab it. For those that don’t - its also easy available via other channels if you're so inclined.

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