Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Pink Matter

Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Pink Matter

The modern soul stars' Kerry Raywood selects some shining lights

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Amrap’s national radio show Australian Music Is Bloody Great features Australian artists presenting their favourite recent Australian music. Australian Music Is Bloody Great’s previous hosts range from Dune Rats to Sampa The Great to Phil Jameison.

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Written by Cameron Menegoni

After carving out their own take of dance-fueleld electric soul with 2023's GLOSS, Naarm (Melbourne) three-piece Pink Matter have followed up with a new single, Impatient, with the help of Naarm rap duo SAFETY CLUB. Marking this new chapter of their musical adventure, Pink Matter vocalist Kerry Raywood takes us through some current favourites on Australian Music Is Bloody Great, from the likes of Jesswar, PANIA, Wayside Online and more.

Big Words - Summer Never Felt This Sad

01 Big Words

First up is Naarm (Melbourne) band Big Words. They released the most amazing album called Nightmares of Stardom Dream last year. It was one of my favourite albums of the year. They’re all such talented musicians and songwriters, so I thought I’d start with them! This song is my favourite from the album. It’s wonderfully melancholic.

Wayside - Parallax Error

02 Wayside

This is Wayside with Parralex Error, which is off their album that came out last year called What Does Your Soul Look Like. We were first introduced to this band as our beautiful bassist Izzy has been playing bass for them and it’s been such a joy to discover their music. They’re very incredible and talented. This is personally my favourite off their last album which you should check out.

Pania - My Crew

03 Pania

PANIA is an amazing Australian artist who has made waves in the past year with really catch songs. They’re so fun, they make you want to dance instantly. The chorus to this song is just perfect and so catchy. It stays with you for days.

Becca Hatch - Bass Keeps Calling

04 Becca

This is the latest single by Tentendo and Becca Hatch. This is the second single by this duo and we are big fans. They are amazing songwriters individually so when they’re together, it just hits. This has been on repeat for us at Pink Matter headquarters.

Jesswar - FELL IN LOVE

05 Jesswar

Jesswar is an old friend and past collaborator with us at Pink Matter. Everything they’ve released just hits. They’re such a talented rapper and producer, we are big fans. This is personally my favourite off their last album, Life's Short, Live Big.

Pink Matter - Impatient [Feat. Safety Club]

06 Pinky

To bring this to an end, I thought I’d treat you to the latest single from Pink Matter and our friends Safety Club who we’ve pulled on board for this track called Impatient.

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