10 Acts You Don't Want to Miss at BIGSOUND 2022

10 Acts You Don't Want to Miss at BIGSOUND 2022

We’ve got you covered with 10 of the most exciting artists performing of the nearly 200 at the 21st annual BIGSOUND Festival

Image (clockwise left to right): Banjo Lucia, ISUA, Chanel Loren, Memphis LK, Anesu

With the 21st edition of BIGSOUND, Australia’s largest music conference and festival kicking off this week in Brisbane and featuring close to 200 artists showcasing their talents on the live stage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of live music to soak up in just a few days. 

Fear not - we’re here to pluck 10 of the most exciting new and emerging talent playing the festival that we think are worth your attention, with a full spotify playlist at the bottom for your listening convenience! 

Agung Mango

Grinding away for a few years has been Naarm/Melbourne’s Agung Mango, coming up through the underground hip hop scene, Mango makes tunes that combine elements from jazz, alternative r&b and experimental hip hop to create a sound that’s forward thinking and head-nod inducing.

Agung Mango’s BIGSOUND Performances:

  • Wed Sep 7: The Warehouse, 9pm

  • Thu Sep 8: Stranded Bar, 11:40pm


Zimbabwean-born and Boorloo/Perth-based, 24-year old transgender rapper Anesu explores themes of identity, both queer and cultural, through addictive, club-inflected cuts of hook filled hip-hop.

Anesu’s BIGSOUND Performances: 

  • Wed Sep 7: BLVD, 8pm

  • Thu Sep 8: O’Skulligans, 9:50pm

Banjo Lucia

With a deep knowledge and appreciation of the craft of songwriter beyond her 19-years, as heard on recent debut EP Peccadilloes that combines elements of chamber pop, indie, folk and more into an intoxicating sonic cocktail, Boorloo’s Banjo Lucia is already making a name for herself with her live performances, one of which you’ll want to catch at BS.

Banjo Lucia’s BIGSOUND Performances:

  • Wed Sep 7: Black Bear Lodge, 9pm

  • Thu Sep 8: Blute’s Bar, 8pm

Chanel Loren

Living and working in Sydney is British-Caribbean artist and BRIT School alumni (alongside the likes of FKA Twigs, Adele and Amy Winehouse) is Chanel Loren. Fusing elements from alt-r&b, indie-pop and UK Garage, Loren’s live shows are sure to be a party you’ll want to be a part of.

Chanel Loren’s BIGSOUND Performances: 

  • Tue Sep 6: Ivory Tusk, 8:20pm

  • Wed Sep 7: Stranded Bar, 8:20 pm

Club Angel

Having already garnered support from influential international tastemaking DJs like Pangea, Anz and Joris Voorn, Eora/Sydney’s Gabriel Espinosa AKA Club Angel’s musical alias couldn’t be more appropriate. Both intense and euphoric, Club Angel’s productions take cues from big bold bassline to stripped back percussive jungle, perfect for late night hazy dance floors.

Club Angel’s BIGSOUND Performances: 

  • Tue Sep 6: EC Venue, 10:40pm

  • Wed Sep 7: Stranded Bar, 9pm


Utilising their foundation in electronic music production to put a unique spin on post-punk and no wave is Naarm/Melbourne’s ENOLA, resulting in urgent and engaging listening from start to finish.

ENOLA’s BIGSOUND Performances:

  • Tue Sep 6: The Sound Garden, 9:10pm

  • Thu Sep 8: Tomcat, 10:40pm


Bubbling up through Naarm’s club’s for the last few years has been FOURA, recent signee to Nina Las Vegas’ NLV Records with her fresh blend of UK Garage influenced house, techno and breakbeat, expect all manner of styles in her live sets.

FOURA’s BIGSOUND Performances:

  • Tue Sep 6: EC Venue, 9pm

  • Thu Sep 8: La La Land, 8.10pm


Bringing devastating, weighty heaviness to this year’s BigSound is Melbourne’s ISUA, packing fuzzed out massive riffs with barraging drums and impossible to ignore vocals, ISUA’s take on sludgey, stoner doom metal will surely lure you into the pit at a live show.

ISUA’s BIGSOUND Performances: 

  • Tue Sep 6: Tomcat, 9pm

  • Thu Sep 8: The Zoo, 8.10pm

Memphis LK

Another Melbourne local bringing a unique twist to electronic music is Memphis LK, whose DIY bedroom productions draw on pop sensibilities, arrangements and vocals, matched perfectly by underground club production techniques, with the results exceeding the sum of their already dope parts. 

Memphis LK’s BIGSOUND Performances: 

  • Wed Sep 7: The Warehouse, 10:40pm

  • Thu Sep 8: EC Venue, 11:30pm

Soaked Oats

One of six kiwi acts performing at this year’s BIGSOUND, Soaked Oats quickly established themselves as a must-see live act, leading quickly to tours around the UK, USA and Australia/New Zealand. Now with their debut album Working Title on the way, you’ll want to soak up Soaked Oats take on psychedelic experimental indie pop in the flesh.

Soaked Oats’ BIGSOUND Performances:

  • Tue Sep 6: The Prince Consort Hotel, 11:40pm

  • Wed Sep 7: Blute’s Bar, 8pm

For the full line-up and all information about BIGSOUND 2022, head over here.

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