Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Didirri

Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Didirri

What's Didirri loving in Australian music of late?

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Amrap’s national radio show Australian Music Is Bloody Great features Australian artists presenting their favourite recent Australian music. Australian Music Is Bloody Great’s previous hosts range from Dune Rats to Sampa The Great to Phil Jameison.

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Written by Joshua Kreusler

Hailing from Warrnambool, Didirri Peters' songwriting journey began as a quest for authenticity, crafting narratives with his stark folk balladry that embrace both beauty and truth. 2023 marks a significant milestone for Didirri in his pursuit, with the release of his debut album, Caught In The Act. To celebrate, Didirri joins Australian Music Is Bloody Great to share some of his favourite contemporaries.

Leah Senior - Graves


I first heard this one during the middle of the pandemic and it is just cutting. The lyrics are beautiful and the production is a real throwback to 70s styles. I think Leah is coming in to her own with this track.

The Maes - Make a Baby


The Maes are living in Castlemaine at the moment. I've been following them for a long time. I am part of a songwriting circle with both of the lead writers from this band and they just keep on serving up quality songs. This one is really light hearted and playful. I love that. You can hear Elsey doing a trombone solo in the middle.

Georgia Knight - Visualiser


I saw Georgia play at Monday Night Mass at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne recently and she blew my mind with a fantastic live band and fantastic embodied performance by Georgia. She is a really good songwriter and I'm excited to see where she's going. She has got an album in the works, I believe.

RVG - Squid


I saw these guys in London recently at a very late slot and everyone was really sweaty. There was so much energy from the band. This song came on and it absolutely changed my perspective on what you can write about. You'll see, the lyrics are just —  I have no idea what is going on but I love every second of it — yeah, just a really weird groove. You'll hear the drums come in in a really odd spot and tickles something in my brain.

Forever Son - Runnin' Round The Twist


I have been following Forever Son for many years now and I don't think the man can record a dud song. Everything he has put out is fantastic and this album was just a breath of fresh air. There was a period there where i felt like everyone was taking themselves way too seriously and Forever Son came out with album, Welcome To Alchemy Park, has such a beautiful ability to take the joy in life and really run with it. This song is no exception to that. I don't know how he managed to pull it off but he recorded this whole album by himself.

Didirri - Obsolete Machine


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