Jack "Zeazy" Bleasdale - An Exhibition at Laundry Bar

Jack "Zeazy" Bleasdale - An Exhibition at Laundry Bar

Ya boy Zeazy showing new photographic works this Saturday at Laundry Bar.

We've always been a fan of what Jack “Zeazy” Bleasdale outputs as an image maker and he's got a whole bunch of new work debuting in an exhibition at the Laundry Bar this coming Saturday Night. He asked us to go and we said our time is valuable please give us some reasons why we should spend it with you at the Laundry Bar on Saturday night. So he gave us nine. We're still not going though, I mean they're good reasons but the distance between us has always been an issue. If you reside in Melbourne though, it's something you should definitley make your way to.


1. FREE BEER - Thanks to my Buds @ Budweiser!

2. FREE ENTRY - All night thanks to the legends @ Laundry Bar.

3. AUTOGRAPHS - Courtesy of me, the man, the myth, the legend! I will sign anything for eBay.  

4. FREE SHIT - Did you miss that, free beer (limited) and entry all night long.

5. VALIDATION - So I can prove to me mum and dad I made it as a real artist.

6. NO FUCKWITS - No Tonie Abet, no Kony, no old art wankers. Just me and my fuckwit mates thinking we aren't fuckwits but in fact we are fuckwits.

7. RHYS NEWLING - The best thing since sliced bread! He might even bring some bread.

8. ZINES - A run of limited edition zines for sale will be worth at least 1 bitcoin in the year 2420.

9. TUNA - An art exhibition in one of Melbourne's best clubs! So throw some limbs on the floor to try and impress that date from Tinder you havent said hello to yet. From 8.30-10 we have BETA MALES AKA clyyyve and MEALS who will be spitting some of his originals from 9.30 then from 10 laundry DJs take over till late. 

Appearing for the second time in large-scale print, this collection of images from Jack “Zeazy” Bleasdale is presented with the intention of providing a fully immersive experience for the audience. Jack has created images with the aim of leading the viewer deep into the context of the image itself, withdrawing from their own preconceived ‘realities’. Through his photography this series will lead you into abstract worlds of dancing light, obscure patterns, lines and shapes with highly detailed textures where the extremes of colour provoke feelings of weirdness and absurdity.

Jack has challenged himself with the task of creating the visceral and visual sensations and associated emotions involved in altered human perception. Jack has tried to create digital images that distort the view of time, space and reality the collection of work emerges as a beautiful and unrelenting aesthetic statement. This presentation is a result of Jacks desire to display a body of work which moves away from his established style, and explores beyond his recognisable documentarian approach and use of 35mm photography. He continues to seek out stimulating and thought-provoking experiences and images.

Further details on the exhibition can be found HERE


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