Focus: Naomi Christie

Focus: Naomi Christie

Naomi keeps sending us awesome photo sets, so we figured it's time to get to know her better.

Naomi Christie has sent us a couple of rad photo sets over the past year, so we figured it was time to get to know her a little better. We asked her a few questions and got her to send us a few of her favourite photos to go with. Enjoy:

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Fulltime photographer, part-time filmmaker

Where are you? What are your immediate surroundings?

My bedroom, at my desk. To my left: A stack of 35mm prints and negatives, mail, paint brushes, a Kerouac poetry compilation CD, and a Chipotle coupon on my desk. To my right: my Wacom tablet and some Instax polaroids on my desk, my pink guitar leaning against the wall, and a map of the world on my wall. Man, I really need to clean this place up.

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What have you been doing/working on recently?

Working on a couple of Super 8 video projects and shooting, shooting, shooting non-stop fashion/editorials!

Please describe a typical day:

I like to wake up slowly and I get ready for the day, then grab coffee or a smoothie, answer emails, and head off to whatever shoot I have that day. Sometimes it’s at my photo studio in Downtown LA, on location, or at the streetwear company, Moose Limited, I shoot in-house for. Then if I have time I edit photos or work on whatever post-production I need to. Some days I have to dedicate to editing all day. Every day is pretty different and always busy, but I like to take breaks to do things that inspire me like visit the ocean or adventure somewhere random with my boyfriend or friends. I really don’t like having a routine, so I keep things loose and with my job everything is always new and exciting.

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How would you describe your work? And who (or what) are your biggest creative influences?

I would say it is very feminine and often very “California”. I’m highly influenced by the 60s French nu-wave, the beauty and lifestyle of the west coast, and the energy of my friends and the city I live in.

Three favourite spots on the web to browse?



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What is something new you have noticed or learned recently?

That LA has two kinds of people: those who like to endlessly complain about “all the fake people in Hollywood”, and those who like to live their lives without acrimony.

What in your opinion makes a beautiful image? What elements need to exist in a moment for the image to be successful?

For me, an image is beautiful if it is emotive or gives you an emotion. To see a still of something and have it strike a chord within you, that’s pretty wonderful. For my fashion photography, I like to capture the best parts of my subject whether that is their playfulness, their sensuality, or their charm - it makes the shoot and images feel very natural and organic.

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What do you enjoy most about your hometown?

I’m from San Diego. I love walking along the beach, exploring the tide pools, and eating Mexican food when I’m there.

Do you listen to music when you are shooting? Is it for you or the model? or both?

Yes, mostly for the model. I absolutely love Spotify for this.

Three of your friends we should check out?

My amazing photographer friend: Austin Winchell.

My amazing model friend: Adrianna Christina.

My amazing musician boyfriend: Steven Colyer.

What’s next? What have you got planned for the rest of the year and what do you want to achieve in the near future?

I’m working on some Super 8 stuff, and there’s possibly an exhibition or coffee table book in the near future…

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