Printout: Accidental Discharge #2

Printout: Accidental Discharge #2

Beautifully curated to create not only an educational source of empowerment, but an aesthetically pleasing publication.

Following the success of the first issue, Editor Maile Shanti, Gemma Mahoney and a plethora of other talented girls have continued to produce the goods for round two of Accidental Discharge. Issue Two features interviews with Kitty Green, Courtney Barnett, Sticks and Stones, as well as art and photography from local and national girl talent. AD provides a publication showcasing accomplishments and endevours of those often marginalised in mainstream media. As a feminist resource it covers issues of identity, sex, gender and everyday happenings such as periods and the shackles of societal expectation. Articles by the editor and an intersectional selection of contributors, intertwine with an array of illustrations and photographs, beautifully curated by Gemma to create not only an educational source of empowerment, but an aesthetically pleasing publication. 

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