Framed: Concept Collision Exhibition

Framed: Concept Collision Exhibition

Bringing some of Perth's most exciting creatives together.

Concept Collision is a networking exhibition for new and aspiring artists, and will be taking place at the Beyond Skate Gallery in North Perth this coming October 14 until November 2 (with a special launch party on the first night - more info/details HERE).

This exhibition will be different from most group shows in that it contains ONLY collaborative enterprises, bringing together Perth creatives from many different fields to collaborate.

Concept Collision will showcase over 40 visual artists, photographers and filmmakers, and has been curated by Bertie Louise and Mitchell Higgs, and you can check out the full list of collaborators below, along with some previous examples of some of their work:

Jodee Knowles + Steve Browne
Renee Brink + Yasmine el Kotni
Bertie Louise + Jean-Paul Horré
Steve Browne + James Giddy 
Jerome + Caleb Davenport 
Shellzki + Shlives
Robert Jenkins + Smij
Alison Draper + Jamie Mack
Liam Dee + Martin E Wills
Kalem Bruce + Lottie Moore
The Design Skeleton + Little Dove
Aston Van Eldik + Andrew Connel + Tom Harmen
Huemen media + Shanelle Coleman Artistry + Nicole 
Matt Wright + Aaron Brock
Natasha Pawlowski + Bodie Hartley
Jean-Paul Horré + Annie Matan
Sofia Varano + Bertie Louise 
Callum Jones photography + Wildergrim illistration 
Rahalie Mcguirk + Reef Selleck
Paulie Juan + KON illustrations
Thomas Sweetman + Callum Jones 
Ryan Elliot + Steve Browne

concept 01 rene

Rene Brink

concept 02 jenkins

Robert Jenkins

concept 03 bertie

Bertie Louise

concept 04 jodee

Jodee Knowles 

concept 05 jean

Jean Paul Horré

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