Framed: Kris Kuksi

Framed: Kris Kuksi

Meticulously crafted sculptures that will make you see.

I was awestruck when my father introduced this to me. Kris Kuksi has a truly impressive talent. With mere plastic, resin, enamel, wood, metal and acrylic, he is able to bend and assemble these amazing sculptures. The details are intricate yet so profound, making the smallest figures jump out of the shadows of each welded world. He alludes to myths and history, and devises possible futures, weaved with his philosophy and the dimensional physics of life.

His biography states: "Kris feels that in the world today much of mankind is oftentimes frivolous and fragile, being driven primarily by greed and materialism. He hopes that his art exposes the fallacies of Man, unveiling a new level of awareness to the viewer."

Some sculptures can even be held with one hand (yeah, imagine how tiny those details are). It forces you to dig deeper and look harder (squint!) for something that might be significant to you. Perhaps, a kind of truth about the havocked beauty of our modern industrial world.

There are guns. Lots of guns. And ammo. Tanks.. You get the idea.

Some look at the big picture and others focus on the little things. What will you see?

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Header: Seraphim at Rest

Top: The Plague Parade Una Quarta Movimento

Bottom: De-evolution

You can zoom into Kris Kuksi's works HERE.

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