Pop Culture Zombies by Albert Montoya

Pop Culture Zombies by Albert Montoya

Bart Simpson and friends would make rad zombies.

Albert Montoya is an American artist who has just kicked off a new series of pop culture characters getting the zombie treatment, from Bart Simpson to Yoda and beyond, enjoy a few samples of his work below, and head to his WEBSITE for more.







Framed: Eko Nugroho

Inky illustrations, courtesy of Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho.

6 years ago

Framed: Carla Adams - Maverick

Perth artist Carla Adams explores the idea of masculinity in her latest exhibition.

7 years ago

Framed: Mara Light

The figurative oil paintings of artist Mara Light.

6 years ago

Framed: The Struggle Is Not Real - Exhibition Opening

Rad new collective Ten K are launching an exhibition this weekend, featuring Cheeks, Debt, Ferly and RLSM.

7 years ago