Framed: The sick sad world of David Marie AKA davidtherobot

Framed: The sick sad world of David Marie AKA davidtherobot

Perth artist David Marie is the real life version of Jonah Hill’s dick-drawing character from Superbad.

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Name: David Marie aka Davidtherobot

Age: 30

Location: Perth, Western Australia

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Interests: Drawing, skateboarding, rude things, drinking beer, watching animal shows, people watching, spending time in the sunshine, eating junk food.

Creative Inspiration: I usually find inspiration in my day to day world; just events and the things that I see usually give me ideas for drawings. But I always draw a lot of inspiration from skateboarding graphics, not so much the style, but the offensive images and the lack of fucks given, especially in a lot of 90s graphics. I love looking at other people’s art, and seeing other peoples' work makes me want to draw. I like looking at high end art, super crisp stuff gets my juices going. But also a classic dick and balls in texta on a dunny wall is pretty good too.

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Creative Goals: At the moment I'm just trying to develop my style a little bit more. I'd really like to take my drawings and do something with them, maybe have a small show, or start painting on walls. I'm really doing it because I just really like drawing messed up things and I really enjoy people’s reactions. I'm in the process of making a website and I’d like to sell some prints and eventually make t-shirts or something like that. Animation would be cool, but that’s a whole other level.

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How would you best describe your artwork? I'd describe it as drawings you probably shouldn't show your nan, or maybe just poo, sex, boner, skateboarding, weed, beer and penis art.

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