The Walt-Walking Disney

The Walt-Walking Disney

Because mashing up pop-culture things will never not be fun.

First we gave you Disney princesses re-imagined NSFW STYLE, and now we present them (and their various beaus) re-imagined as characters in AMC'S THE WALKING DEAD (because that's how I hear it in my head everything I think of it). These little nuggets of gory gold come from deviantARTist KASAMI-SENSEI, and give you a good sense of what it'd be like if Disney went down the zombie route. Which let's face it, will probably happen at some point or another. My personal favourite would be Pocahontas, with John Smith chained up Michonne-style.

As a side note, does anyone still enjoy The Walking Dead anymore - I for one mentally checked out a long time ago, but it is the source of much debate around these offices.











Why is the goat from Hunchback Of Notre Dame so fucking happy about being in the zombie apocalypse?


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