Printout: 35ppm by Bloom Publishing

Printout: 35ppm by Bloom Publishing

Welcome to 'Printout' where once a week we and our like-minded friends review and take you through zines and other printed material that we love and or you send us!

Bloom Publishing are one of our favourite independent publishers in Australia, they make great products that are always well curated, considered and presented. One of their first releases was 35ppm a prefect bound book to go along with an exhibition of the same name. Details from them on the title below, it is still available if you wish to pick it up!

In January 2015, Bloom Publishing curated their first submission-based exhibition, 35ppm, a print on demand experiment showcasing photographic work from around the globe, produced on site by their very own mono laser printer.

The exhibition took place at Tinning Street over 4 days, and featured a single A3 print by 30 artists. Each work sold, was printed on-the-spot via their HP Laserjet.

This publication was created during the open days of the show and documents the featured works, as well as the printing and installation processes - with intro by Sean Irving.

This 84 page, perfect bound, digitally printed, 6" x 9" title is released as an edition of 300 and features the work of Alexander Kelaart, Alice Cottrell, Amy Lee Woodward, Ariel Katz, Becky Strong, Carl Ross, David James, Dewey Keithly, Felicity Miller, Frederik Sadones, Jay Chapman, Jay Dymock, Joe Nigel Coleman, Jonathan Hyde, Justin Vague, Justine Ellis, Katarina Šoškić, Kingsley McLean, Koji Makino, Marcel Rollock, Marie Zucker, Molly Steele, Nic Ojae, Marc Tan, Roberto Gramostini, Robyn Daly, Seok Hoyoon, Victoria Roper and Will Neill. Each copy also includes a bookmark made from recycled test prints produced during the making of the show.

Available through Bloom's online store.

IMG 1904

IMG 1909

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IMG 1915

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IMG 1922

We love zines, we love print and so do a hell of a lot of you! So in light of this, we'll be pulling one zine off our shelves once a week to tell you a little bit about what you're missing out on. Want to have the chance to have your title reviewed on here or be a reviewer yourself?

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