Framed Interview: Shrink (The Other Side Art Show)

Framed Interview: Shrink (The Other Side Art Show)

More insights into another of the many rad artists appearing at The Rabbit Hole's upcoming show.

Saturday 25 February will see The Rabbit Hole gallery hosting 'The Other Side', a multi-sensory art experience featuring visual and music artists, "collectively rendering a conceptual world". It'll play host to some of exciting young artists, set to a soundtrack from DJ Miko and live act Phocal (more info can be found right HERE), one of whom is René Brink AKA Shrink, a mulit-disciplinary artist creating anything from small original acrylic/digital paintings through to large scale murals. We sent him a few questions to get to know him a little better, along with some examples of his work:

shrink art 02



Where are you now? What are your immediate surroundings?

At my studio/home surrounded by poly pipe, massage table, twine and artworks for the upcoming Rabbit Hole exhibition.

shrink art 01

Please describe a typical day:

Coffee to start then try to figure out what needs to get done, get distracted by house chores for a couple of hours then finally focus in on what needs to get done. Do that for 20 minutes then have a nap. Cook an awesome dinner, food coma, sleep. But for non-typical days I'll finally get some art happening.

What mediums do you use?

Depends on the project really but I try my best to use or at least attempt to use as many mediums as I can get my hands on. From a humble lead pencil to getting on Photoshop to bringing out the power tools. But currently my focus is on paints and creating interactive works.

shrink art 03

Is there a particular time or place in your life that seems to generate a lot of your ideas?

The isolation of growing up on a farm 30 minutes drive from any town helped I guess force my imagination.

Who/what inspire you and your work the most?

Not sure really but often I'll put on some tunes and I kind of vague out in a kind of meditation while staring at a blank peice of paper trying to imagine things in my head till something pops in that I think could be cool to elaborate on. I was a massive fan of MC Escher back in the day and found myself spacing out to his impossible worlds.

shrink art 05

What have you been listening to lately and do you listen to music while you work?

Music has a massive impact on my creativity. I've been stuck in a trip hop loop for the past couple years, though not religiously, and do listen to pretty much everything (minus pop), but it seems to do the trick when I'm getting creative. DLoaw Youtube playlists have been a great source of inspiration and definitely worth taking a listen. Bandcamp weeklies are the cherry on the top.

What was the best piece of advice you have ever received?

I've had lots of great advice over the years in all facets of life but keeping it art-related, I got a piece of advice from Italian street artist Pixal Pancho where he told me, "Just throw up on the wall".

shrink art 06

Three artists/illustrators/creatives we should check out?

Michael Reeder, Etam Ctu and Dulk are three that are definitely thumbs up in my book.

What are your favourite and the best things to do in the city that you live in?

The things that are free.

shrink art 07


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