Video: Kele - Closer

Video: Kele - Closer

Kele is back with a new video clip for his song Closer.

Following up from his debut album Trick Kele Okereke, frontman of Bloc Party, has released a video clip for his track Closer. The clip is shot throughout a dark winter's night in Peckham, London. The haunting nature of the song fits the dark palette of the track and makes uses of a series of visuals to compliment the lighter chorus created by vocalist Jodie Scantlebury. It's a intriguing clip that fits the moody aesthetic of Kele's track and also reflects kele's use of visuals in his own set where the light show is reactive to the music. You can watch the clip below and see the pleasing combination of light and dark reacting with one another. And in recent times Kele also teamed up with Pilerats Records' own Sable to create a tracked called The One

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#JDFutureLegends: Sable feat. Kele - The One

It's finally out - and free to download, with a video clip to boot.

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