Split Seconds - Delivery

Split Seconds - Delivery

Split Seconds announce a new EP called Neil Dumb & Young with a new single.

Melbourne-via-Perth Split Seconds are back with a new single, announcing the release of their upcoming debut EP Neil Dumb & Young with the track, Delivery. The single has a few little tricky production techniques we haven't yet heard from the four-piece, and there's plenty to like about it. A rumbling slice of indie-pop, the heavy drums and delicate guitar work, along with Sean Pollard's ear-pleasing vocal work are as usual a joy to behold, and bodes well for the upcoming EP release, with that genius title - of which Pollard says:

"It came from a dream in which Neil Young was trying to sell me one of his Pono things, and all I wanted to do was get him to sign my vinyl copy of On The Beach. I thought it summed up the weird musical world we all live in at the moment. Plus it's a good pun."

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