Sable - Kanto EP

Sable - Kanto EP

Young Sable drops a Pokem-honouring two-track 7-inch.

It's been a huge year for Pilerats Records' debut signee, culminating most recently in a collaboration with none other than Bloc Party hero Kele on The One (listen HERE), a cool-as-ice tune perfectly suited for the winter months. However, as we ramp back up to the Aussie summer and with Sable hard at work on his next EP, he's decided to pump out some goodies to keep the vibes feeling good. Following the earlier Pokemon homaging beast that was Mt Moon (HERE), Sable's Pokemon obsession comes full circle with two brand new tracks in Thunderwave and Surf on the Kanto EP.

Providing his own vocoder-fied vocals to both tracks, each come pre-destined as the soundtrack to your beach-filled summer on a release that will see a strictly limited run of 7" vinyls, made up of a pokeball disc packaged in a die cut sleeve. Will yours also contain a limited edition Sable Pokemon card? After you've streamed the tunes below, head to his BANDCAMP to find out more and make your purchase, and keep your eyes/ears peeled for some tour dates to really get the summer months balling.


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