Pilerats Records

Pilerats Records

So we decided to start a record label...

For the past 12 or so months we’ve been doing our darndest to impact the cultural landscape. Whether it’s via a premium quality digital magazine, a classy-looking website filled with stuff we think you’ll think is cool, or throwing parties around the country with international and national artists at the top of their game, 2013 has been a massive year.

And so as we look ahead to 2014, we wonder how on earth could we possibly give ourselves more shit to do, throw more parties, and generally be the best possible collective of human beings we could. With that in mind, we’re nervous, excited, stoked, and above all else fucking proud to announce the launch of Pilerats Records.

We can’t wait to share more with you soon, but for now here’s a short video that gives us massive, Ron-Burgundy-would-be-jealous, erections:

No Money Weekend

Maximum fun on minimum funds.

8 years ago


Friday Freebie: Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cosmo's Midnight Bootleg)

Let's hope this puts a cap on the R&B bootleg phenom.

9 years ago


New: Gunns - The Fool

A free download from WA dreamy garage poppers Gunns, who join San Cisco around Aus' next month.

8 years ago

Mrs Mac's Creative Journey: BTS Photos

Continuing on our Mrs Mac’s Creative Journey we take a look behind the scenes.

8 years ago