No Money Weekend

No Money Weekend

Maximum fun on minimum funds.

Just 'coz you've only got a few clams in your account doesn't mean you have to bury yourself in the sand and avoid social contact all weekend. Study Pilerats' handy cheapskates' guide to the weekend closely - everything in it is $5 or cheaper - and prepare to put your money woes and anti-social lows behind you.

(Image: Thomas Van Der Zaag)


Grab your bike and deck it out with as much recycled (that bit’s important, the ride has a ‘green’ theme) stuff as you can, then hit the Carine Regional Open Space for the annual Glow Ride, a night-time bike ride. If you can make it to the end of the obstacle course, there’s a free BBQ in it for you at the end. If your bike is the most blingiest, you could win a prize. For more information about the ride and the registration process, email and visit the event website. - Dani

When & Where: Sat Jan 31, 7pm – 9pm, Carine Regional Open Space.


Pilerats aren’t the only who do music good: The Ripe have steadily been making a name for themselves in Melbourne’s alleyways with their mini-festivals. And to celebrate The Ripe’s third birthday party they’ve asked World’s End Press, I’lls, Kirkis and others alongside DJ sets from Oscar Key Sung and more to bring the party. And in the Abbotsford Convent it looks to be one special birthday before the fun that is Festival Sunday kicks off the next day. Get your tickets here. - Liam

When & Where: Sat Jan 31, 3pm- till late, Abbotsford Convent, The Shadow Electric.


Hot Towel is a Friday night fire-up from the the darlings that bring us daytime casual drinking dance-off Day-Woo each weekend. Enjoy smooth, sunset tunes and a touch of Euro class from the magic fingers of  Roland Le Realest , Tim Loughman, Jack Doepel b2b Dj Son Tânne, and Dj Toni 'House of Sports' Yotzi. $5. - Dani

When & Where: Fri Feb 30, 8pm. The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge. 

hot towel no money


SixThousand has started a new intiative, Sunday Club, as part of Fringe World, and it looks like a bloody ripper way to spend a Sunday afternoon. For the next three weeks, you can enjoy a local line up of bands and DJs curated by the legends in psych-rock act Doctopus, in a backyard in Victoria Park, for $5. The sips are cheap too, with $5 drink specials - Sailor Jerrys and  Gage Roads Brewing Co - on offer. Hit the event page to get the remaining dates in the series down in your diary. - Dani

When & Where: Sun Feb 1,  874 Albany Hwy, East Vic Park. Entry through the rear laneway behind East Victoria Park IGA


If you arrive to weekly Saturday nighter Chocolate Jesus before 7pm, you can get in for a fiver. Which means you can get eight hours of ridiculously good raps and good-time vibes for less than $1 an hour. This week the party's expanding into the laneway adjacent to the club, and headlining this week is Sydney's Shantan Wantan Ichiban, of Triple J fame, aided by a three-hour DJ set from pop up party starters Fungle Club. There's also going to be a few nice extras, like live art by Lester, spicy jerk chicken, cheap tap beer and cider.- Dani

When & Where: Sat Jan 31, 5pm - 1am. The Good Shepherd, Newcastle Street, Leederville, details HERE.

choc jesus 


One for the foodies and the Freo people. A three-hour interactive walking tour that takes in five decent bars and restaurants in Fremantle, with behind the scenes stories delivered by the owners and chefs from each venues and tastings at every stop off. Visit the Foodie website or call 1300 39 40 41 to book. This is semi-expensive exception to our $5 or free rule, at $59, except that if you use the code SAFARISALE you can get $20 off, and $40 for drinks and a meal and being introduced to a bunch of awesome new places isn’t too shabby at all so we thought we'd chuck it in here anyway. - Dani

When & Where: Fri Jan 30, 5pm – 8pm, starts Cantonment Street, Fremantle.


Cheap live music is always around but if you’re looking for gig that isn’t a bunch of old-timers reforming a band they made when they were seventeen you can be hard pushed. Luckily Fishing, Black Vanilla and Kanyon are teaming up for some electro-good times at the Oxford Art Factory for under 10 bucks. And it’s this Saturday so it’s going guaranteed to be a good time when you’ve got those three acts together. - Liam

When & Where: Sat Jan 31, 8pm – late, Oxford Art Factory. 


The Heart Foundation is behind an initiative called Love In the Lock in the Murray St Mall in Perth: an installation involving romantic music, performances from local artists and proposals. Buy a padlock or heart for a $10 donation to the Heart Foundation, and write your message inside it, then throw away the key. Alternatively, do none of the above because you CBF, and instead go home and download When Harry Met Sally, and donate to the Heart Foundation online, because the important part is the charity part. And the part where Billy Crystal explains that men and women can never be friends because the sex part always gets in the way. - Dani

When & Where: Runs until February 16, Murray St Mall, Perth CBD.


The School of Practical Philosophy has got your back with a free lecture on mindfulness, which is all about learning how to capture and direct your attention so you can relax. Just head to the website and fill in this form and you’ll be full focused in no time. - Dani

When & Where: Tue Feb 3, 7pm, 36 Dodd St, Wembley.


A bit of shrapnel ($10) will get you a hot ticket to witness the shred: the thunderous duo that is Alvis Kills, the lyrical blessings of Bowser and Blood Groove's tasty riffs and the heavy notes of Slaughterhouse5. So basically, you get to see a bunch of sick bands, the shred indoor skate park gets some money so skaters can continue to shred. - Dani

When & Where: Fri Jan 30, Swan Basement, 201 Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle. 

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Image: Clara Canepa 


Ahhh St. Kilda Festival, stretching from 31 Jan to 8 Feb it’s one hell of week with Festival Sunday being the biggest event including acts like Hot Dub Time Machine, Thundamentals, REMI., DMA’s, Japanese Wallpaper and more. However, that isn’t the only thing happening; from Sunday to Saturday 7 February the Live N Local Program will hosting local groups and on the opening day there will be the Indigenous festival Yalukit Wilum Ngargee. There’ll also be a whole heap of food stalls, comedy and workshops to get involved in and for details click here:  And it’s all free, on ya St. Kilda. - Liam

When & Where: Sat Jan 31 – 8 February, 11am- till late, St. Kilda Foreshore.  


When you talk about sex, for the most part anyway, people often become instantly jittery, or if it’s about politics people will think you’re too serious and if it’s religion most people won’t bother. Which is fair enough; sex, politics and religion aren’t everyone’s poison but if it’s yours then Artbank is here to chat about it. Formed by the Fraser Government Artbank is an art rental program that buys up Indigenous and non-indigenous artworks for rental by the public or private sector. So why not delve into some of the more edgy artists of Australia for free? - Liam

When & Where: Now – Sat Feb 7, Waterloo Unit 1, 198-222 Young Street, Waterloo.

A577 AAbdullah

Above: artwork by Abdul Abdullah 


Duh, it's been 36 degrees for a week straight. - Dani

When & Where: The West Coast of Australia. Just pick a spot, get out of your car, and into the ocean. No toll zone.

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