New Music: Boot Action - Gorgan feat. Barry Tones

New Music: Boot Action - Gorgan feat. Barry Tones

Club Sweat! camp member Boot Action unleashes the groove in Gorgan.

Surfing the hype wave from their massive Bosun EP, Melbourne-based house duo Boot Action have released their latest masterpiece, in the form of Gorgan, and absolute tune-and-a-half featuring some sweet vocals courtesy of Barry Tones. Gorgan is large from the get go, with heaving bass, smooth vocal work and delicate drums combining to create this A+ certified banger. Picked up by the Sweat It Out crew early last year, the only way is up from here for the duo, and with acts like Golden Features, Wax Motif and Go Freek rooting for them, you know it’s going to be a good ride.

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