New: Midnight Juggernauts - Aerials EP

New: Midnight Juggernauts - Aerials EP

A new single and EP, with all the sales going to charity.

Throughout ten years of music and monkey business, Midnight Juggernauts have long maintained their adventurous course through the music scene. Recently separated across different countries and different projects, they banded back together on impulse to record a series of EPs, the first called Aerials, (out now via the band's own label, Siberia Records) reflects the world from a vertical perspective above and below, explored in the music as well as accompanying video clip and live show production. They're also taking the opportunity to do something a little different with the album release structure - making Aerials available immediately, and in return for a donation to the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation specifically for Healthcare. It's a classic win-win, rad new music from Midnight Juggernauts for you, and supporting a good cause in the mean time. Check out the truly global video clip for the first single from the EP, Freefalling, below, and head to the Midnight Juggernauts BANDCAMP to purchase and help out a worthy issue.

WA kids can catch Midnight Juggernauts when they play  CoLAB Festival which hits the UWA Oak Lawn November 29 - check all the info and grab tickets HERE.

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