Matt & Alex's Like A Version Playlist

Matt & Alex's Like A Version Playlist

Triple J's Matt & Alex offer the soundtrack to your week with 7 LAV's.

Triple J's latest Like A Version CD is out today (October 10), featuring 19 tracks along with 19 live videos of our national youth broadcaster's favourite selections over the course of the year. Those with a keen memory regarding things on the internet may recall an article we wrote like almost two years ago having a dig at bands' poor choices of songs to cover. And while we were young and precocious then (as opposed to old and haggard now), we like to pretend that some bands actually read the article, 'cause the lineup for LAV 10 is pretty killer. Heaps of bands dug into the deep back catalogues to re-do some old favourites, while the newer song cover choices also hold up.

ANNNNYWAY, Morning Show champs Matt & Alex have thrown us a little playlist of featuring one Like A Version per day, for your perusement/listening. And if you're vibing, grab a copy for yourself HERE.

MONDAY - Angus & Julia Stone: Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

M is for Monday. It is also for mandolin. And the best example of one being used in the Like A Version studio is when the brother and sister duo covered Australia’s favourite bird-simile Nelly Furtado. The perfect way to ease into the week.

TUESDAY - The Jezebels: Journey - Don’t Stop Believing

Tuesday’s the tough one. Energy is at its lowest, confidence is sapped. You need a boost. The Jezebel’s covering Don’t Stop Believing by Journey does its best work in this possie. It will give you a boost that the local cafe’s apprentice barista can only dream of.

WEDNESDAY - Husky: INXS - Need You Tonight

Wednesday is hump day. And if you’re actually going to do any humping then the best Like A Version track to accompany it is the cover Melbourne’s Husky did of INXS’s Need You Tonight. Banned from family planning waiting rooms across Australia, it’s a smooth, sultry take on an already sexy song. Handle with care.

THURSDAY - The Delta Riggs: Glass Animals - Gooey

Okay, things are heating up now. The weekend is approaching but you can’t overdo it yet. That’s why you need The Delta Riggs covering Gooey by Glass Animals. A bit of a rocker, with a small hint of EVE’s Let Me Blow Your Mind sneakily injected to remind you that the party is just around the corner.

FRIDAY - Art Vs Science: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger

You need some serious festive vibes to bring in the end of the working week. The best course of action is Art Vs Science covering perennial party starters Daft Punk and Harder Better Faster Stronger. Utilising a bin as a kick drum, and in singer Dan Mac’s case a lung capacity the size of a  small tapir, the lads rock a cover that is as froth-worthy as it is technically astounding.

Saturday - Illy: Silverchair, Paul Kelly, Hilltop Hoods & Flume - Ausmusic Month Medley

Anyone up for a BBQ? I’ll bring four different foods to whack on the grill while we listen to four different Aussie classics smashed out by our boy Illy for his AusMusic Month Medley. He’s got those epic main song in there, but also peppers a few other classic song references throughout that act as delicious little side-salads. Pass me a Like A Version lager!

SUNDAY - Remi: Avalanches - Since I left You

Sunday arvo. It’s still the weekend, baby! I’m picturing sunshine, afternoon drinks and Remi’s laid back vibes over his cover of Avalanches' Since I left You. But my world ain’t feeling blue. I’m feeling gooood!

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