New: Willow Beats - Chess

New: Willow Beats - Chess

With the water EP tour approaching, Willow Beats drop the EP's second single.

As the twilight tones of Merewif continue to burn up the FM dial, Kalyani & Narayana continue to take their Willow Beats project to the world stage. The truly unique duo already have a sold out single tour under their belt, and with the impending national tour for sophomore EP water, it's time to unleash single number two onto the Australian airwaves: Chess. A track that has been labelled as a "masterful summary of the Willow Beats sound", and the EP track that sat at the #1 spot on Hillydilly for a whole month, begins with buoyant drums, tumbling into a breathless amen-break and an ice cold, dripping back beat. Nobody does the dark/light dichotomy quite like Willow Beats, and when the track gives way to Kalyanis' alluring vocals, we're once again transported to another world, a journey through the astral plane, a subterranean journey through planet earth - en route to a late night dance party with the faeries. Listen for yourself below, and check the tour dates after that:

willow beats water tour

"Everything about the song glistens, sparkles, drips, bangs, pops, and resembles nothing short of the playful flutter of robotic bluebirds." - In Your Speakers

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