Video: Client Liaison - Groove The Physical

Video: Client Liaison - Groove The Physical

It's not the 80s' if there isn't any leopard print.

The clip for Groove The Physical is basically just one of those music videos where the club is on-point, the people are on-point and you're sitting at home eating ice cream because the latest episode of *insert popular tv show* has come out. And after their glorious video for Feed The Rhythm it's not surprising Client Liaison once again smash a rad video clip. So while you're definitely slobbing it out on a couch somewhere Client Liaison are doing their latest '80s styled video with turtle necks and leopard print to boot. There's also a Japanese neon styled zest with pink neon Japanese subtitles appearing throughout. And shot at Melbourne club Hugs & Kisses it just adds to the aura of cool. 

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