Interview - Esta

Interview - Esta

CIRCO beatbrain Esta talks Soulection, an album and stopping girl fights.

Something exciting is happening on the West Coast of the US. The crew from Soulection – a record label, radio show and collective of musicians based in Los Angeles – seems to have no limits to how forward thinking and innovative they can be making music. Describing themselves as “The Sound of Tomorrow”, they’ve got a keen eye for new talent, and they know how to nurture it. Someone who has experienced this first hand is ESTA – a prolific producer who is known for his laid back beats, and awesome live shows. He’s in the country for CIRCO Festival (TICKETS HERE), as well as playing a few side shows, and is definitely a must-see in my books!

You released a mixtape with tracks that you’ve made after you were inspired by your recent trip to Tokyo – what inspired you about that trip, and what else inspires you?

Yeah, So On. It was just inspired by what I saw and experienced when I was out there. It was just beautiful. We also just so happened to arrive the same week the cherry blossoms were out!  I would just sit at Naka Meguro, and just people-watch and enjoy the scenery for hours haha.

I read that you want to get your favourite singers on your album – who falls into that list?

I mean my favorites that I am in touch with or can be in touch with. I’d like to have Mar, Jordan Rakei, Vic Mensa, and Alina Baraz again. Still thinking of who else I would like to reach out to also though…

I also read that at your show in San Francisco, girls were fighting in the crowd and you had to play Singles Ladies three different times to distract them – must have been a wild show! Have you had any other “memorable” shows?

I didn’t really play the Shashu Single Ladies remix to distract them – I just happened to have been playing it already. But, I just got the remix from Shashu that day and really wanted to play it, so I kept starting it over til they stopped fighting haha. That’s probably be the most memorable thing that has happened during a set. She ended up getting stitches...

What’s your creative process? Any advice for future beatmakers? You learnt a lot of what you know on YouTube, right? 

It’s always different. I could start off with a drum pattern, a melody, a chord progression, or even just a weird sound that intrigues me. Any advice I could give… I always tell people to not overthink things and to remember that there are no rules to creating and yeah! I did learn a big majority of things from YouTube when I first started. Nowadays, I get to learn from homies that are geniuses at what they do – like Mike Gao, Mikos Da Gawd, and Mr. Carmack. They all helped me get started on Ableton.

Tell me a bit about the Soulection family! Has joining them changed the way you make your music?

Man, that’s my family right there. They’ve got my back all day, everyday. Joining Soulection hasn’t necessarily changed the way I make music; it more so gave me the freedom to be as experimental and wild as I wanted to be. They helped bring my sound to a bigger platform. 

Alright, so you’ve played around the US, around Europe, around Asia, even played at Coachella – now coming to Australia! Is it your first time here? What is next for you?

It is my first time in Australia! I’ve always wanted to come out too, so I’m really excited. I’m probably going to slow down with the shows and touring now, and going to start working on my album… But a Mediterranean tour is in the talks!


Esta plays CIRCO Festival this weekend, you should come - it's gonna be fun - just like this Boiler Room set Esta recently recorded:

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